video storyboard examplePretty much every video that we have ever made tells a story.

Stories help viewers to visualize and understand concepts quickly and effectively.

However, if a video is not well planned then the story or message can become unclear.

In this video I am going to show you how to save time and money on your video production through creating a video production storyboard.

Here is the script from the video in case you have issues watching:

A storyboard is a series of images accompanied with text that helps a video production team as well as yourself to understand what will happen in each scene of a video.

The storyboard should come after your video script.

If you need some help on scripting your video then please take a look at this earlier video that we created on video script writing.

Once you have a script then you need to put images to it – this could be screenshots, photos, hand drawn images or whatever helps you to bring your story to life.

Here is an example of a video storyboard:

video storyboard example

A timed graphic, for example, can reinforce a spoken statement, picking out keywords that appear at a pre-planned moment in the video.

If you are trying to convey a more complicated message, would written text and a voice over work better to give your audience more time to digest the information?

How can you make the video look interesting to keep your audience engaged? How should the actors be shot? Could you include some music in the background? What colours will match your brand?

The storyboard will bring all of these questions out so that you are ready for the actual production.

Even if you are a one man band with no budget at all for your production, creating a simple storyboard is still well worth the effort as it will make your production clearer and quicker and will mean that you need less takes to get it right.

Your storyboard doesn’t need to be high-art, and it isn’t written in stone – use it as a planning device for a work in progress.

If you have any specific questions about video storyboarding then you can leave them below this video on our blog.