Modern day customers are more demanding than ever. With the advancement of relevancy algorithms and specialized remarketing formulas – customisation is now the cornerstone of every effective marketing campaign. Even then, when a customer receives a relevant ad, it must be engaging enough for them to take action. So, the million dollar question is – how can a marketing campaign be both relevant and engaging all in one go?

Here’s where SMS marketing comes in. Let’s break down why this service is so effective for your business.

1) Relevancy

Every business has a client database. The amount of relevant data you have inside each user profile, determines the social value of your marketing database. Through Burst SMS, you can import your entire database in a .CSV or .XLS file. Depending on how targeted you want to be, just simply create separate contact lists. If you don’t have much data inside your user profile, but would like to add more depth, then you can gather more data with a landing page form. This new information can be set to flow directly into your contact list too, making the process of improving your data seamless. Let’s also not forget how important timing is, that’s why you can schedule your SMS marketing campaigns to send at any time.

2) Engagement

Now that you have the relevancy part down, it’s time to design an engaging SMS marketing campaign. In addition to being readily available on every mobile device, the great thing about text messaging is that it was created to be social. Naturally, when someone receives an SMS which prompts the user for a reply, their device is already physically designed to reply to it with ease. From here, add value with an incentive to prompt an action or reply. Start off with a personal touch, which you can conveniently pull from your database, and add another dash of relevancy for more value.

For example, if Sally bought a pair of limited edition sneakers last week, she might appreciate this SMS:

“Hey Sally, we’re hosting a launch party for the new Jordan Flows on October 16th at 7pm. The first 20 attendees will get a special gift. Reply back: IN to RSVP.”

The message above combines relevancy with engagement, all while delivering a subtle underlying level urgency needed to keep Sally wanting more.

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