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Does your business create marketing “Wow!”? Are you constantly thinking about new ways to delight your customers? Do you have an edge?

Competition in every field is fierce. Even if you dominate your market, there are always others ready to enter, offering something new and enticing to your steady customers. Your predictable, dependable product suddenly looks shopworn and outdated, and your customers decide “just this once” to give the new kid in town a try.

And the new kid wows them. Even if the product is essentially the same, customers are dazzled by the new shop, the trendy packaging and a fresh approach. The new kid has “Wow!” and you don’t.

Don’t be blindsided. The “new kid” can be a new entry in the market, or it can be the sleepy competitor down the street who you ignored as irrelevant – until they made a move and created “Wow!”

Be proactive. Make business innovation a core component of your strategy. Create the moments to attract and retain customers. Make “Wow!” a priority.

How to Create Marketing “Wow!”

So how do you do it? How do you set a pattern of ongoing innovation? Consider the following tips:

  • Play the “How to lose a customer” game. Ask yourself, “What could I do to lose customers?” Create your most exhaustive list. Some items might include being late, overcharging, not bathing, or kicking the dog. Now look at the list, and do the opposite. Go above and beyond in the other direction. Be early, offer discounts, shower, or bring dog treats. Some things may be stock offerings in your industry, but somewhere there is a “Wow!”
  • Do the unexpected. A business which serves accountants makes it a point to deliver a mug with teas and hot chocolate mix to every accountant at tax time. A doctor personally calls every patient after a procedure to see if there are any problems. “Wow!” doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • Creatively borrow from other industries. Pick a few industries totally unlike your own. If you’re a lawyer, you might pick a coffee shop owner, a dog walker and a lawn care professional. What could they do to “Wow!” their clients, and what can you do which is similar?
  • Find your “Wow!” idea, and deliver it. The best idea is useless unless it is implemented.

When your idea becomes routine, change it for a new “Wow!” Sending a fruitcake every year to clients might be easy, but you’ll get more “Wow!” with almost anything else. Trust me.

“Wow!” doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. A Chinese restaurant gives away boxes of jasmine tea on Mother’s Day. A bank sends dog biscuits back with the receipt at the drive-through. A pharmacist personally makes a home delivery at the end of their shift.

“Wow!” has power. Customers talk about it and share it on social media. Take the lead. Create marketing “Wow!” and create your market.