Engaging content is very important.  Relevant and dynamic content creation is a major goal of inbound marketing.  You employ your website, your blog, SEO, syndication sites, calls_to_action_inbound_marketingsocial media, professional networking, podcasts and interviews all in effort to get the word out about your brand.  The greater number of channels you have distributing your content, the better.  Increasing the reach of your inbound marketing is great.  However, you will not get much mileage out of increased distribution without high-quality calls to action (CTAs).  To amplify your marketing voice and generate new business leads, sharing information-rich content with smart, enticing CTAs is the answer.

Are your readers and prospective clients acting as you would like?  Are they opening your emails, clicking through your links, downloading your premium content and taking part in trial offers?  CTAs compel your readers to get active and make decisions.  There is nothing mysterious about asking people to do what you want.  However, a lot of content fails to provide relevant, engaging information followed by a pathway to action.

Once you have gained your reader’s attention with a great headline and compelling text and presented all the benefits of taking the action you want, you still have one more hurdle to clear.  You need to tell your reader exactly what to do, how to do it and express urgency that it be done immediately.

3 Tips for Great Calls to Action

1.  Be Specific

Taking action may require the investment of money or time, and it may be inconvenient.  Providing a high level of detail makes your readers feel more at ease and gives them a full understanding of what to expect and the steps that are required.  Use clear, precise language with concrete details. Do not leave your readers wondering about what you want to see happen.

2.  Demonstrate Value

Tell the readers about the value they will enjoy by completing your CTA. Share the top three benefits of your offer and list them in order of priority.  Then, take the most critical benefit and highlight it in just a few words.  By emphasizing the key point of engagement, you can ensure there is alignment between your ad and the offer you are proposing.

3.  Be a Problem Solver

Speak to your readers’ needs.  If you know where on your website the visitor currently is and what they are reading, you are more or less familiar with their preferences and needs.  The most effective inbound marketing offers up solutions to problems.  Present your brand as an educational authority on your industry.  Be a problem solver, and use your content to dispatch solutions to prospective clients.  If they follow your advice and see a positive result, they will be pleased and excited to follow through on your CTA.

For a tutorial on the design aspects of CTA creation, be sure to check out HubSpot’s blog post, How to Easily Create Professional-Looking CTAs in PowerPoint [Tutorial].   Innovative Marketing Resources is available to help you with the creation of CTAs and all your content needs.