Buyer Persona StereotypeEmail marketing experts are always coming up with creative ways to find prospects in quicker and more efficient ways. More recently, the age of the buyer persona has emerged as one of the leading ways toward gearing emails that sound more personal. But how can that be done so you can make your emails sound like you’re writing a longtime friend with answers in how you can solve one of their problems?

While stereotypes are never worth pursuing, you’ll be amazed at the individualized information you can gather with only half-a-dozen buyer personas.

What You Can Find Searching Through Existing Information

While the emerging era of big data will be able to help you sort information faster, getting your marketing team to search through your database of customer information is just as valuable. You’ll be amazed at what your marketing department will find in there. In fact, you’ll have so much customer data that you might not need to do anything more. Don’t have a marketing department? No problem, do the search yourself. One side benefit is you will get to know your customers better.

A few things you can find in your customer data include demographics, what kind of products they buy from you and certain digital habits like whether they’re desktop or mobile users. With some careful research, you can even find out what might be going on in their personal lives without skirting the law.

All of the above can be consolidated into templates that allow you to create customer personas not unlike creating a fictional character. And just like fictional characters, there’s more elements of truth than it initially appears.

What To Do with Buyer Personas

Once you’ve managed to create templates for these personas, you’ll be able to find enough information where your emails can be personalized to levels you never thought possible. It’s also going to amaze your prospects, especially when they feel like you are talking directly to them addressing their problems. Regardless, most people respond favorably because it taps into the trend of business personalization that people find favorable. Your prospective customers will love the idea that you understand what they want and can potentially solve a problem for them.

Most people look at this as an evolved sense of customer service. In that regard, lead marketing and customer service may be consolidating to create something never done just five or 10 years ago. It’s the ability to send individualized emails using the first name of your prospect, along with other information seemingly gleaned from a crystal ball.

Yes, we’re living in an age where new marketing techniques are going to vastly improve the world of business marketing. Here at Integrated LeadGen Results, we aim for the same goal through a careful strategy planning process.

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