Marketing is an important aspect of any business. This would ensure that the enterprise would be seen and known by their target market all over the world. Without it, the business would surely crumble easily like an over baked cookie. Proper investment in advertising and marketing would be the best solution for business owners to easily have a successful business.

Large enterprises have a huge selection of mediums to utilize for the marketing strategies. This is because they are already equipped with a huge capital and a lot of manpower. However, small businesses are not as lucky as the large companies. They only have a small capital and a handful of employees. It would be difficult for them to utilize every possible marketing tool that is available in the market.

Luckily, there are a lot of mediums where small business owners can add in their advertising and marketing strategy. Some of them are already considered as traditional, some are new that are actually not for that purpose. Business owners should only be aware of these mediums and take time to consider them to increase their business’ market presence.

One of the most cost-efficient tools for marketing is their toll free number. For example, having an RingCentral toll free line would allow their customers to contact the business without having to pay any additional charges. The fees would be shouldered by the business in their monthly payables to their service provider. This number would definitely attract more clients to contact the business for inquiries and even purchases. This service would serve as a great communication tool and a marketing medium; hitting two birds with one stone.

A special kind of toll free called “vanity number” would further increase the capabilities of a normal toll free number. This number incorporates the business’ name or niche in the number combination. This would enable their customers to easily remember the number and for prospective clients to quickly spot the business that would provide for their needs.

Another medium that small business owners can use are social media websites. These websites are online communities where millions of people connect themselves with one another. These websites are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. A business owner can simply create a page or an account for their business and let their customers and prospective clients “befriend” the company. The owner can then post in the wall matters about the business that people should know about. Owners can also post advertisements in the wall without having to pay for that space. Utilizing these social media websites is free and truly useful.

One that is quite popular and easy to use is writing about the business in online blogs. These online blogs are normally where people look into about a certain product, service, or even businesses. If a certain person searches on the Internet about their needs, the business’ name can easily pop up and they can check out about the company’s products and services. These online blogs can even be used to write reviews about the enterprise. This would help people decide which business would truly provide the best products for their needs.

Technology and modern innovation has showed that there are a lot of mediums that business owners can utilize for their marketing schemes. Small businesses should not worry about high priced marketing strategies as there are cheap and free modes for them to choose form. Small business owners would then have the advantage that only large enterprises enjoy.