Sales will go this waaaaay!

Last week we spent some time looking at 5 top tips for conversion rate happiness – here is the second part of my blog with another 5 tips. If you implement all ten, then congratulations – you are ahead of 90% of other websites on the planet!

6 – Share your success stories:
Testimonials and case studies are a great way of assuring potential clients – particularly for high cost or commitment products and services. This is important for B2B organisations, as other businesses will not want to be the guinea pigs for a new product: they will want to see that it works for other organisations, particularly if the company in the testimonial is similar to them.

7 – What do your users see:
Seeing which areas of the page that your users are drawn to will help you understand the most important areas of your page. If you think eye tracking sounds expensive, you are wrong. Google Analytics (a very useful tool for tracking your conversion rate optimisation success) has a heat-map facility which while basic can give you a good steer – go to ‘Content’ -> ‘In-Page Analytics’

8 – Test your images:
By now we should know that images are positive things – users love them! However, they need to be eye-catching, relevant and engaging (not sure the one at the top of this blog achieve that by the way!). As such, you should test your images – does an image of the product or service work better than a picture of a satisfied customer? There is one way to know for sure – test it.

9 – Change the big things:
Making very small changes to your page and expecting to see wild swings in bounce rate and page effectiveness will result in disappointment. Make bold changes (e.g. size or colour of ‘buy’ buttons) as these are the ones that will have a quick and measurable effect.

10 – Test, test, test:
One of the benefits of digital is the ability to measure almost in real time what you have changed. Check for changes in bounce rate (if it’s a landing page), time on page and exit rate – you will quickly work out if your changes have worked or not! Also, make sure that you leave enough time to give your changes a chance to shine – you should show your changes to a reasonable number of users to get representative data.

What are your top tips for conversion rate happiness? Leave a comment and let me know!