It does not take a lot to see the similarities between a contact list and a stock of ammo. Like ammo, you need a contact list to keep generating opportunities for your B2B firm. However, what some people overlook is that ammo comes in different types. Surprisingly, it is the same when it comes to different kinds of lists.

Contact List, Business Contact List, Contact DatabaseTo illustrate, suppose your lead generation service is not just a gun, but a whole arsenal. Your different methods (email, telemarketing, social media, direct mail etc) are represented by different methods. It does not take a gun enthusiast to realize just how many different types of ammunition are out there. A contact list must have the corresponding data with the right method for either to work. Otherwise, it will be like trying to load an arrow into a gun barrel or a bullet into a bazooka.

Still a multi-channel approach cannot function without all the different types of contact list. Look at the game Angry Birds for another example. You do not just win the game with one type of bird. You use different types to bring the piggies’ castle down. It is with that same breadth that your lists work like this:

  • Email list – A contact list full of email addresses is the ammo of email marketing. It is quick functions either like a shot gun or a multi-targeting system. Either way, blasting is how this contact list is used and can be good for covering a large number of targets. On the other hand, the emails may not reach. Plenty of spam filters cause them to just bounce right off or ignored.
  • Phone list – Telemarketing still remains to be a very direct and compelling marketing approach. A contact list full of phone numbers is a highly-prized resource for the telemarketer. It can be harder to ignore and is good for getting past online barricades. Still, a contact list like this is also one of the more dangerous kinds. Handled improperly and the angry responses you will get will be akin to a self destructing missile.
  • Social media profiles – A contact list of social media profiles might have more in common with a stock of grappling lines than anything on the offensive. Still, you follow those lines to get connected. Many people advocate social media as the best ways to deeply engage with your market and discover new demands. (Just make sure your grappling gun is meant for exploring and not spying.)
  • Direct mail – Do not underestimate a contact list of mailing addresses. Like more primitive ammunition (e.g. arrow, shuriken, giant rock) people do not think it is effective until it is used in action. With good investment, this kind of business contact list can deliver a lot of surprises to those who have grown tired of getting bland electronic messages.

Finally, some games also have some kind of ‘universal ammo’ that seems to work better than the rest. In such cases though, a contact list that has all the data also carries all the combined expenses. Keep an eye on how much you spend to fill up your B2B contact database.