How Does A World Famous Comedian Sell Out Shows? Hint: He Uses Text Message Marketing!

When it comes to entertainment, Americans can go crazy. On average Americans spend 5% of their household budget on entertainment. It adds up to BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars spent.

Entertainment is a broad category… it means everything from sporting events to movies, concerts… and Stand Up Comedy!

Today’s case study is on one of the most popular comedians out there – Carlos Mencia. Check out his website here:

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He’s had his own TV show – Mind of Mencia, and starred in a number of movies, including: Our Family Wedding and The Heartbreak Kid, just to name a few!

So, how does a professional comedian use and text message marketing?

I was able to spend time with Carlos’ right hand man, and manager, Albert to ask him just that very question!

Albert gave us the inside scoop on how they do things… and it was eye opening!

How To Build a List of 30,000 Prospects

First, they grab new contact numbers every chance they get.

At every show Carlos asks his listeners to pull out their smart phone and text in their email addresses.

This is genius… because not only does he get their email address, he now has their phone number for mobile marketing. It gives them two bites at the apple, when they want to market upcoming shows and events.

According to Albert, they add about 300 new signups a week… and right now have over 20,000 contacts in their database!

How do they get so many signups?

It’s all in the offer!

They offer everyone a chance to win free tickets to a VIP event with Carlos in Las Vegas. They randomly pick a winner from everyone who signs up.

But wait, it gets better…

Text Message Success Secret – SEGMENT, SEGMENT, SEGMENT

Most of these signups occur in specific cities… so Albert segments the signups by location.

The power of this is amazing.

Albert said: “What we do is simple. We send out text campaigns for the upcoming shows. For example in Orlando, we have 500 subscribers from that area. We send out a simple message from Carlos: “I’m back at the Improv, get your tickets before they sell out.”

“We give them a link to buy, and send the announcement a week in advance.“

It sound’s like a great use of text message marketing… so how did it work?

According to Albert, “We sold out the show faster with text messages than with social media!”

Mobile text messages trump the purely social media sales cycle!

Now here’s the crazy thing I pointed out to Albert… They have other merchandise they can sell very easily… DVDs, T-Shirts, Live recordings of private shows…

These items would all sell well, but Albert admits he hasn’t tested out sending text messages yet with offers. I can’t wait to hear what kinds of results he gets selling those items!

When asked why they chose, Albert said “Text Messaging is where it’s at. The penetration is crazy high!”

He also said that Betwext’s prices were more competitive… which is why they left another mobile marketing company.

One problem Albert did mention was some companies keep your texting list. When he moved from one texting platform, they deleted his entire list of mobile phone numbers… he had to start over from scratch.

At Betwext, your data is yours, and you can download it at any time!

One observation Albert had that I think is critical… “People change email addresses all the time, but they keep their phone numbers forever!”

I want to thank Albert, at for speaking with us. The way they use mobile marketing is very cutting edge!

Carlos was just in Phoenix last week, and his show was a huge success… If you’re looking for a great night out, check out his calendar – I highly recommend catching a show!

Remember, If you want to market to your customers like Albert, I encourage you to learn more about mobile marketing…

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