There are many areas in our lives where we can all use a little ‘cleaning up’… and our businesses are, in most cases, NOT an exception.

I you’re not seeing what you want for your business regarding inquiries, new clients, existing and previous clients re-upping and re-engaging, then it’s time to clean house.

Take stock of the marketing you have been doing. It’s really important to understand which of your marketing activities are working, so you can do more of them, and which activities are not producing, so you can either change them to get them to produce, or drop them.

Taking time to de-clutter your marketing, keeping those things that are like your favorite objects, and letting the ones go that are just taking up space, but are not bringing you (and in this case your business) joy, will stream-line everything you have going on. It will also make your business more efficient, and more importantly, more effective.

And, just like organizing your house – it’s something that needs to be monitored on a regular basis, and then every few months, it needs some special attention to keep everything where it needs to be.