Well, as we all know Christmas has a different feel this year. And when audiences are thinking differently, advertisers need to try their best to react and reflect what’s going on in their heads. So that’s meant a bit of a shake up in the world of Christmas TV Commercials. Call me scrooge, but I actually think its long overdue. Brands and agencies are being forced to think differently and be more creative, and that is no bad thing.

With that in mind here’s are round-up of some of our favourite and in some instances less favourite TV spots from 2020

John Lewis – Give a little love

I mean, where else do you start. We were really intrigued by what John Lewis would come up with this year. Their Christmas ads have become folklore, but how could they react in the surrealness of 2020? Well, we personally loved it. Perfectly pitched and beautifully executed. Bravo.

Plenty – #Xmess

Being a bit of a scrooge when it comes to getting into the Christmas spirit, I for one have welcomed advertisers taking on a less earnest tone this year. And this spot from Plenty is right up when it comes to that!

Burberry – Singin in the rain

The French directing quartet known collectively as Megaforce are at it again. Elevating an idea that could have, in the wrong hands, been somewhat cliched, with an incredibly imaginative execution. To see what goes into their work, the thinking and planning that happens behind the scenes, well they deserve all the plaudits that come their way.

Argos – An Evening with AbracaDaisy & The Incredible Lucy

Now to one that divided opinions here at Aspect. While some of our team loved the upbeat nostalgia of the latest ad from Argos, there were others who thought it felt like something we have seen before many times, and perhaps done more imaginatively. And maybe tonally it felt a bit misjudged given where we are right now. We’ll let you decide.

Very – Christmas is this Very moment

On to a brand opting to take almost the opposite approach to Argos. This spot from Very is purposely a bit more honest and rougher around the edges when it comes to showing the family Christmas experience. While its nothing revolutionary, we really like the sentiment here, which feels appropriate for a Christmas against the backdrop of a pandemic.

Amazon – The show must go on

On to one of the most high-profile spots of the year. Amazon is a brand transformed by Covid. While profits are soaring, its perhaps hard to judge the right tone to use when talking directly to audiences about brand. Again, this spot divided opinions at Aspect HQ. Lots of people quite rightly pointed to the flawless execution, while others thought it might just be a little too serious and earnest for what we’re all craving right now.

TK Max – The Lil Goat

This is an ode to keeping things simple. A goat getting some new clothes for Christmas. A great example of a brand not trying to be too worthy and winning as a result.

Coca Cola – Christmas 2020

And here is one I think we all thought was a bit of a turkey. We were all excited to hear that Taika Waititi was directing a Christmas ad. But unfortunately, the result is an overly long story, characters and plotlines you don’t really believe in, and a very clunky introduction of the brand. This spot from Coca Cola just felt like it was pitched wrong on lots of levels. What a shame

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