One of the main reasons businessmen don’t get what they want from outsourcers is because they’re not clear with what it is exactly they want, right off the bat. With that, there are crucial questions you need to ask yourself before you make a decision to hire a telemarketing company and bring them into the equation.

Knowing what to ask when looking for a telemarketing vendor can help guarantee desired results. Here are the 5 critical questions to ask:

1. Do they have a short-term or long-term contract?

Let’s be honest. We cringed every time the word “contract” is mentioned. We heard a lot of stories, good and bad, mostly bad, in the outsourcing industry that involved a contract between a telemarketing provider and business owner.

The best route to go is to find a company that offers flexibility and options to entrepreneurs like when it comes to service agreement.

2. How quickly can they start?

Outsourcing providers are designed to offer speedy solutions for businesses that have immediate requirements for skilled workforce. Choose an outsourcing partner that provides a speedy response to your urgent needs.

You can find companies that have a ready pool of well-trained telemarketers and sales professionals for your campaign. They can set up a team in a few days or a week, depending on how many people you want.

3. How experienced are their telemarketers?

Truth be told, many b2b telemarketing companies out there do not have enough truly skilled and qualified sales pros resulting to a subpar service. Most of these companies rely wholly on crash-course training and deploying entry level telemarketers.

Be sure to choose a company that can provide you with highly skilled telemarketers to ensure desired outcome.

4. What’s their strategy to make your company stand out?

Find a company that can truly make a difference for your company brand. How would they reach out to your prospected clients and get your marketing message across, in a way that is fresh and compelling? In short, what’s their main telemarketing strategy to make your prospects pay attention?

5. Do they have in place a good client interaction program?

Giving and receiving feedback is very important. It’s a mark of a really good telemarketing company. With a client interaction in place, you can delve deeper into what your customers want and need, and how to address them more effectively. This helps to pave a way to improve further and achieve your sales lead generation growth goals.