Choosing the right video production company is important.

Video is often first contact point with your target audience, so it’s vital the quality of your content reflects your brand and engages your audience.

When choosing a video production company, it’s important to remember that video is an investment.

Whilst opting for a slightly cheaper video production company might be tempting, remember the objective must be to deliver results and generate a return on your investment.

Simply owning and being able to operate a video camera, doesn’t qualify an individual or organisation as experts in video production, editing, script writing or branding.

That said, expensive video companies, on the other end of the price scale, also may not provide the best value for money option.

Watch our video to see how to choose a video production company:

GOLDEN RULE: Always check to see a video company’s portfolio of previous work on their website to make sure their video production meet the standards you expect, and look for testimonials from clients as well.

Video Transcription:

Here are some examples of a completed digital video, produced for an organisation just like yours. Like all content, it was created through one of four routes:

Homemade Cheap Professional Over Engineered

‘Homemade’ content has its place, we all like to laugh at a home movie or to smile when remembering something captured quickly on a phone or compact video camera; but filming is just part of the production process; and the only thing worse than having no content is having terrible content.

‘Cheap’ projects deliver exactly what they ‘say on the tin’, because in content production terms ‘cheap really does mean cheap’. It means semi-trained operators, poor equipment and usually, too little time taken over your project.

‘Over Engineered’ projects take us to the other end of the professional scale and unless you need a cast of thousands and have a budget to match, beware. Any team arriving on a bus, are in most cases adding unnecessary costs into your budget. Make sure that you know how many individuals are working on your project, for how long and what they do. Are they really necessary? Unless they add value, then the additional spend isn’t. A Winnibego you probably don’t need.

What you do need is ‘Professional’ content, scaled for your actual needs and meeting the following three criteria:

  • Does it create IMPACT, connecting and engaging with your online audience? Will it make a difference?
  • Does the QUALITY meet your expectations? …High enough to represent your organisation?
  • Does it represent VALUE for money? Will the investment be justified in the long term?

Your production team must be able to deliver against a brief, on time and on budget.

Consider the following and ask yourself:

TEAM – Is the team experienced? They should be knowledgeable in all areas of script writing, content development and film production.

PLANNING – Do they listen? To fulfil your objectives, they must understand your business and your target audience.

PRICE – Do they offer value? Expensive doesn’t always mean best. Project costs should be agreed before the project commences.

EQUIPMENT – Do they use the right tools for the job? Different production techniques require different approaches

COMMUNICATION – Do you understand the process? You should feel comfortable and informed at every stage of production.

ONGOING SUPPORT – Do you feel valued? Will they be there to assist once your project is complete?

Choose a professional production team and make sure you only reflect messages with content which you are really proud of.

Let Digital Video and Animation be your most effective form of communication.