September is the time when most businesses, regardless of size, launch the annual review and planning season. The two parts of the process are critical: review and planning. Review and analysis of the current year is essential only if you do not mind continuing to do the same things and achieve the same results. In this case planning is easy – simply change the dates on your planning documents, redistribute and repeat. If, on the other hand, you want to move your company forward in 2014, the review and evaluation steps are critical to the development of your plan.

To help you with the annual marketing review, here is a checklist

measure achievement of your goals, little black dog social media

  • Gather reports from all analytics and tracking programs
  • Gather marketing management documents and reports
  • Gather the entire marketing team

Part 1: Traditional Marketing

List, review and assess TV, Radio, Magazine and Newspaper advertising

Review and assess all direct mail campaigns

Review and assess all telemarketing campaigns

Events and trade shows


Part 2: Marketing Collateral

Review all printed marketing collateral. For each item, evaluate:


Visual appeal

Writing quality

Usefulness of the piece

  • How should it be used
  • How is it being used
  • How could it be used

Then decide what requires revision and calculate need and cost.

Part 3: Website: evaluate the following

Design and layout


Romeo is checking the effectiveness of his website




Landing Pages

Calls to Action

Is it interesting?

Does the visitor see how to move through the site?

Sales pages

Product pages

Is every page completely up to date?

Is your blog located here?

Listed with all search engines?

Links to social media accounts

Social sharing buttons

Digital Marketing

Paid ads on websites

Listings in appropriate directories

Listings in appropriate local directories

Listings and/or presence on hyper-local sites


Search: evaluate each


Romeo the little black dog.

I go everywhere to sniff out the very best strategies

Link-building strategies


Local search optimization

Updated keyword analysis

Analytics to demonstrate most effective keywords


Social Media Marketing



Facebook account – why or why not

Google+ account – why or why not

Twitter account – why or why not

YouTube channel – why or why not

LinkedIn account – why or why not

Pinterest account – why or why not

Instagram account – why or why not

Vine account – why or why not

Other: __________________________

Other: __________________________

Follower growth for each account

Engagement on each account

Post frequency on each platform

Metrics and analytics

Conversion rate



Readers, subscribers, RSS feed

Posts per week

Calls to action

Clicks through to website

Content Marketing



Social Media posts and shares

Commenting on other websites



Content downloads (number of downloads)

  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Reports
  • Case studies
  • Ebooks
  • Worksheets
  • Product/service descriptions

Contributions to public blogs and websites

Activity on forums


Email Marketing



  • Frequency
  • Subscribers
  • Click through rate
  • Click to open rate
  • Open rate
  • Forward rate

Auto-response emails

  • Number of auto-response programs
  • Number of emails in each program
  • Conversion rate
  • Click through rate
  • Open rate

Other email tactics

  • Frequency
  • Subscribers
  • Click through rate
  • Click to open rate
  • Open rate
  • Forward rate
  • Conversion rate


Lead Generation/Sales Process


Purchase Path(s)


Qualification standards

Handoff to sales



Customer loyalty


Loyalty program(s)

Frequency of customer contact

Loyalty rewards


Referral program



Customer reward


Conversion process


Customer Service

Strategy – marketing role

How is customer service available?

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website message
  • Social Media

Connection to marketing and sales


Resolution and acceleration process

When your evaluation and review is complete, determine:

search marketing, little black dog social media

Romeo is ready for search

Strategic changes

What to drop

What to keep

What to modify

What to reduce

What to expand

This is not a comprehensive checklist or process. It is intended to be a starting point. Add to the checklist as necessary and delete or skip sections that do not apply to your business.

The review and analysis processes take time and thought. Most companies make at least one discovery in the process that is unexpected. What will be the surprise in your review?