We’ve all heard the adage, “It’s the small things that count.” And while every business should have a formal branding and marketing strategy, plan and budget in place — and be executing consistently — adding a few of these marketing “small things” can really pay off. Each idea requires very little time, money or effort to carry out.

You will find that incorporating some of these ideas to promote your business is “marketing that doesn’t seem like marketing.” But their use can, and will, keep your company “top of mind,” result in greater brand recognition and in turn, increased business.

Keep Your Business on the Radar With These Cheap, Easy and Effective Marketing Ideas:

  • Instead of an email, send a handwritten note — it’s a simple task that shows extra effort, good manners and means moreMartha-Spelman-cheap-easy-marketing-ideas
  • Recognize a birthday, promotion, new project or a connection’s personal achievement with more than a social media “Like.” Instead, make a phone call, send a special email or note; at the very least, write a pertinent, meaningful comment.
  • Remember to say “thank you” for each LinkedIn Endorsement, kind word or deed, enjoyable lunch or favor someone did for you
  • Forward a blog post, article, whitepaper, website or event link that you think your connection would appreciate (this shows you’re thinking of them)
  • Too busy to handle a client project? Refer it to a colleague (you’re helping both your client and your referral).
  • Make a mutual introduction to two colleagues you think would find value in knowing each other or working together
  • Invite a client to an event like a performance, industry conference or speaker presentation that you think he or she might find entertaining or valuable
  • Deliver a gift basket to your customer’s place of work — they will thank you (and so will their employees!)
  • Support your customer’s cause or charity of choice by donating money or volunteering your time
  • Give away copies of your ebook, proprietary software, helpful templates, a webinar series subscription or some of your “secret sauce” advice
  • Send a magazine subscription or ship an actual book — each time your customer receives the magazine or reads your book, you earn brownie points!
  • Acknowledge any assistance that you have received that inspired, educated, motivated or helped you in your work, saying “ I couldn’t have done it without you”
  • Offer to recommend or review a colleague– Linkedin makes this easy. Be generous with testimonials. Write a letter with positive feedback or post your favorable experience on the recipient’s Facebook, Yelp! or Twitter account.
  • Offer a 1/2 hour free consultation (you can promote this on your website, in your email signature or via social media accounts)
  • Contribute comments on a blog post, social media update, article, book review or YouTube video — a couple of sentences of positive input is priceless to the creator
  • Never say never — even though you may not have won a particular sale or project, keep in periodic contact. Your genuine interest or concern could put you in the running next time.
  • Share your custom or curated content on your social media platforms — it takes moments (especially using a management platform like Hootsuite) and every update puts your smiling mug (and brand) in front of your connections

Spending just 15 to 30 minutes a day on these “small things” marketing ideas requires minimal time and effort, engenders goodwill and costs very little. All of which add up to a small price to pay for more business.