inbound marketing magnetYou’re probably convinced by now that Inbound Marketing has tremendous potential to bring qualified leads to your website (it does: our leads have increased more than 750% since implementing Inbound strategies. That’s right: 750%). So at this point, you might be wondering who would do the work involved if you were to take the plunge into Inbound.

Is it something you can expect your own people to take on? Should you add an employee  responsible for managing the process?

Neither, if you’re determined to do it right. The best use of your time and money is hiring an Inbound Marketing agency with specialty in Inbound strategy and execution (you’ll also save a fair amount of internal aggravation and frustration). Only by hiring a team of experienced Inbound Marketing specialists will you get the capabilities and focus needed to successfully implement it:

A Range Of Integrated Services

Executing Inbound Marketing right requires expertise across a range of functions:

  • web design
  • Internet usage and trends
  • ongoing search engine optimization (SEO)
  • social media campaign development and promotion
  • strategic content creation (blogging, video, whitepapers, surveys, articles, etc.)
  • public relations and media management
  • web analysis
  • complex, cross-functional project management

You won’t find all these capabilities in one new hire (or even two or three), and even less likely that your current team will have the capacity (or desire) to undertake them.

A Proven Process

All the work that goes into a strong and effective Inbound Marketing approach needs to be integrated into an ongoing process. That process starts with a clear strategy, then you work that strategy accordingly to a fairly strict timeline. Only an experienced Inbound Marketing team like Weidert Group will be able to outline the process, identify what steps are taken when, how much time the process will require, what resources need to be engaged in each step, and know how to react to the different and evolving variables.

A Business Mind

Creating and promoting fresh, valuable content to your best prospects is at the heart of Inbound Marketing. That requires a very keen understanding of your business and your prospects. Can someone from the “outside” do that?

A good Inbound Marketing agency has experience gathering and evaluating the information necessary to learn your business and develop the strategies to help grow it:

  • your business model
  • your products’ competitive advantages
  • what competitors are doing (right and wrong)
  • where market share and profitability opportunities are
  • your sales cycle
  • how and when your prospects purchase
  • what prospects need before they make that purchase decision
  • your company’s short- and long-term goals
  • and more

It takes a village, really, to put Inbound Marketing into practice successfully. Your internal team is undoubtedly very skilled at what they do – but what they do is not Inbound Marketing. Rely on and get the most from a team that does it every day.