Using telemarketing to supplement email marketing isn’t unheard of. What might be a little more unheard of is the challenges being posed by Gmail’s new tabs. Have these new developments impacted the success of combining the two lead generation channels?

First of all, let’s take a look at what email marketing had to face by itself. The general assumption is that the new Promotions tab in Gmail is being regarded as a secondary spam box by marketers.

Maybe. After all, it’s not hard to assume that anything that reads like a sales pitch feels like on the same level as real junk mail.

Some stats though seem to run counter to these assumptions. More than that, these features are still relatively new so it may take a while for a large amount of data on Gmail tabs to circulate.

Now it’s understandable that this is still not enough to allay marketers’ fears. That’s why you should be prepared to use telemarketing in case you feel that these new tabs may be misplacing your messages.

1. Prioritize relevant information

If you search across the web about how marketers handle Gmail tabs you will find a few things in common. One of them is a strong emphasis on relevant information in your messages. That way it won’t matter much if your prospect receives your email in the Promotions or Primary tab.

It also helps if you had already established a strong and engaged relationship with your recipients. Whether your targets are old customers, current customers, or outbound prospects, there’s less discrimination if the readers already know who you are.

2. Keep the placement in mind when calling

When it’s time to pick up of the phone (be it before or after sending an email), keep these tabs in mind. Even as you dial, keep your eyes on the email address that you’re sending because obviously it could be more significant if the address leads to a Gmail account.

If you were sending an email with the hopes of notifying a prospect beforehand, politely ask them to check if your message was in the Promotions tab in case they cannot find it. Give similar instructions after a call if you’re planning to send an email afterwards.

3. Avoid controlling your prospect’s reading habits

Some marketers feel tempted to instruct their readers further by telling them to place their messages in the Primary tab. This isn’t really a good idea because it’s no longer direct marketing. It’s direct controlling. The stats already indicate that it would be just too much just because marketers are afraid of losing attention.

Remember, when prospecting, it is critical for you to have the prospect’s consent every step of the way. You are trying to reach them more than you want them to try and reach for you. Otherwise, what’s the point of timing? What’s the point of targeting? When it comes to marketing, the one to start the conversation has always been you.

In short, there’s really not much of an adjustment to make with regards to Gmail tabs and your email-telemarketing strategy. Perhaps some time in the future, more information could lead to bigger ones. But for now, simply stick to sending relevant information, keep the tabs in mind, and don’t use it to justify controlling behavior in marketers.