Everybody needs and wants a positive review and the social validation that comes with all the great reviews.

But can too many positive reviews hurt your social validation? Does it look better if some people have some things to say about you that aren’t always so nice?

Listen in, or read the transcript to find out.


Can-Too-Many-Positive-Reviews-Make-You-Look-FakeOkay, so another interesting study again. This is from my friend Mark Schaefer, and I hate to be talking about Mark so much but he had an interesting blog article this morning talking about social validation.

We’re always talking a lot in the marketing world about the importance of social validation.

How many shares do you get of an article on your on Twitter or Facebook?

What are people saying about you?

How are things trending?

So, it’s called social proof right.

You need a certain amount of social proof.

Well, I want to read something that he (Mark Schaefer) put that a reviewer said on his blog. This is or what he put on his blog. Anyway, it’s really interesting.

He said… this is about his book The Content Code the reviewer left this on Amazon:

“One reviewer recently wrote; “I didn’t trust the fact that this book had all those five-star reviews. But I bought the book and was pleasantly surprised that yes it is a five-star book.””

Kinda weird, right?

That’s what Mark says. Mark feels like it’s kinda weird.

The book had great reviews and the guy didn’t believe it.

So, is it so possible that people think you’re that good, that wonderful, that they’re leaving you five-star reviews and other people don’t believe it?

Does it give you more credibility, or more validation, or more social proof if you have a couple of bad ones mixed in there with medium ones and then a bunch of good ones?

Does that make a difference for you?

I never really thought about this before.

I mean, yeah, social proof is important and it’s really one of those interesting things that, well, is it the real world?

Is it?

It’s a great question to sit back and ask yourself.

How many of those positive reviews have been rigged?

That’s another question to ask and I’m sure a lot of people were thinking that the back of their mind.

I can tell you that I had been approached by hundreds and hundreds of people over the last year who asked me to read their books for free and leave them positive reviews on Amazon and I’m just not going to do it.

If I don’t think that your content is good I’m not leaving you a positive review.

But I may not be interested in taking the time to read your stuff.

I’m a business owner. I’m a busy guy.

I have a lot going on.

I’ve got clients. I’ve got things every single day to do just like you do.

So, to add one more thing to my plate is probably not a good idea.

It’s something interesting to think about.

Are heavy loaded positive reviews real and do they make you feel like; Hey, this guy is legit and I’m going to buy from him.

All just because of reviews.

I would love to know your thoughts on that you leave me a feedback in the comments if you’re on unveiltheweb.com and tell me a little bit about what you think about this as I love to hear your thoughts.