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One pass through our website will quickly leave you with the correct impression that our virtual assistants are capable of a wide range of processes.

Sometimes, a client (e.g. member) will come along with an entirely new process for us to manage, or want us to customize an existing process in order to optimize business growth.

In the following article, I will describe how a group of our virtual assistants is currently going above and beyond typical core processes to support a thriving psychotherapy practice with offices in New York and Los Angeles.

Several months ago, we began supporting a member in the psychotherapy industry. Her needs were quite different and more extensive than our average member, so her primary virtual assistant’s role quickly morphed into a remote Office Manager role.

Along with help from managers and fellow assistants, our virtual assistant supports both our member as well as a team of clinicians with the following:

  • SCHEDULING AND CALENDAR MANAGEMENT: When a potential client is ready to be scheduled, we manage the email “ping pong” and get the client scheduled with the appropriate clinician. We ensure the office is available, that the clinicians have ample buffer time in between appointments, and make clinicians aware of any potential scheduling conflicts. We confirm all sessions with clients by emailing all clients 24 hours in advance to confirm their appointment. Lastly, we notify clinicians of any last minute cancellations to ensure they are able to maximize their time.
  • BILLING AND MEDICAL FORMS: After each appointment, we provide clients with a health insurance claim form for medical insurance purposes. Each form 1500 is completed with the pertinent information such as medical codes and clinician information to make it easy for our clients to file a claim. We will simultaneously leverage Square to process payments and log all transactions to ensure accurate bookkeeping. At the end of each week, we provide our member with a weekly charges report. By leveraging Square we can also pull a report reflecting charges from any given period.
  • CONTACT RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM): We started by taking our members contacts from multiple spreadsheets and importing them into SalesforceIQ. We tagged them appropriately, and built out a SalesforceIQ architecture and workflow that will scale with company growth. We also started entering all potential new clients and keeping records such as notes, last contact, next contact, and tracking all email communication. We’ve only scratched the surface with SalesforceIQ for this member, and will soon be sending outreach emails to help with marketing efforts. As with most professions, client confidentiality and security is of the utmost importance. Therefore, we have helped our member ensure that these crucial safety aspects continue to be a top priority. We migrated her email to G Suite, which ensures all data is safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant. We centralized her contacts in a secure and trusted CRM, and implemented a payment process that uses secure data encryption that is up to par with all the latest security measures.


As I mentioned, our virtual administrative assistants help entrepreneurs, executives, and businesses of all sizes with repeatable and administrative tasks such as:

  • CALENDAR MANAGEMENT: Our virtual administrative assistants save you time by managing your scheduling needs. They eliminate the majority of the back and forth scheduling “ping pong” so you can focus on more important tasks that will keep your business moving forward. Last minute cancellations or rescheduling pose no problem for our virtual administrative assistants who will get that important sales call rescheduled for you.
  • TRAVEL AND EXPENSES: Our virtual assistants regularly research and coordinate flight accommodations as well as assist with last minute changes. They also consolidate your expenses and add them to your reports, or leverage tools like Expensify to manage your expenses. It’s as easy as taking a picture on your smartphone.
  • CONTACT RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM): CRMs are not just for business executives. They can and should be used by professionals from any industry, including psychotherapists. A CRM will help you manage your client’s information, and can be used to amplify your marketing efforts.
  • SALES SUPPORT: Our virtual assistants will help you process new leads by entering fresh information into your CRM. They will manage correspondence and ensure you follow up with contacts.

I would also like to note that the biggest difference between our service and other virtual assistant services companies is that we manage every virtual administrative assistant. This is a crucial component of how we save our members significant amounts of time every week.

Additionally, every time we hire a virtual assistant, that assistant becomes our employee. They receive all the benefits of full time employment, including initial training as well as continued education. And they always work with a backup virtual administrative assistant who is fully trained and up-to-speed on the member’s processes and systems in case the member’s primary assistant is out of the office.

How much is that worth to you?

This full package of support will cost you just $1200 a month. No hidden fees, no add-ons, and definitely no overhead.

That’s much more competitively priced than hiring an in-house assistant.

According to, the median office assistant salary is $43,467 in Los Angeles (not including bonuses, benefits, or other factors that impact base pay). In New York, the average salary is $43,989 according to

I’ll let you do the math: a virtual administrative assistant + a backup virtual assistant + a manager + a U.S. based project manager/thought partner who oversees the overall workflow, training, and mentorship for $1200 a month = your cost-effective business growth and increased productivity.