In this highly competitive and technologically advanced world, the success of your business may be greatly attributed to your marketing approach. In light of this, it is vitally important that you are able to harness the most effective resources and most efficient tools when planning your marketing strategy as this will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the amount of sales and therefore the profit that your business will make.

Direct mail marketing has been around for years still considered to be the most effective strategies available, especially when teamed with other tools such as email and social media. But how can such a traditional approach to marketing reaps such large rewards?

A Tangible Campaign

Just think about how many emails you receive on a daily basis. It is extremely easy for an email that is received from an unknown source to be deleted at the touch of a button. The same can be said of many other forms of advertising. Radios can be changed to different channels, TVs can be switched off and newspapers can be read, put down and forgotten.

Direct mail is different. If it is put aside, it is often picked up again and reconsidered, stuck on the fridge, passed to friends and remembered.

A Personalised Campaign

Unlike many other forms of marketing and advertising, direct mail is able to be personalised. Not only are you able to target specific demographics, you are also able to include personal information including names and addresses. This personal touch allows potential customers to feel closer to the company, product or service and therefore more likely to pay attention to the message and make a purchase.

A Measurable Campaign

By enclosing an order sheet or a return envelope you will be able to calculate how many people have responded to your direct mail marketing campaign. If you also trade online, you can include online discount codes, customised email address and an individual phone number so that your customers are able to decide how they contact you and you are able to measure the responses without the need for complicated analytics.

A Cost Effective Campaign

A direct mail marketing campaign is cost effective. Not only is the creation of the flyer or leaflet simple and affordable, mailing it to your chosen demographic is also relatively inexpensive. Usually, the more you send the more cost-effective it becomes and this is something that your chosen direct mail marketing company will be able to discuss with you

The Statistics Speak for Themselves…

Really, what this all boils down to is the statistics. No matter how “effective”, “measurable” or “cost-effective” a marketing strategy is, it can only truly be backed up by the facts:

  • 4.4% of targeted recipients responded to direct mail
  • 70% of customers renewed previously ceased relationships after receiving direct mail
  • 40% of customers said that they tried a new business as a result of receiving direct mail
  • 79% of customers acted on direct mail immediately

Despite the many forms of marketing that are available, direct mail marketing still occupies an important place in a comprehensive and successful marketing campaign. The affordability, flexibility and user-friendliness of a direct mail marketing campaign makes it an excellent choice for any company, large or small, who wishes to increase their customer base and establish a successful, product or service.