In Part 1 and Part 2 of the Campaign Launch Checklist series, I talked about using campaign checklists for your audience and assets to drive more effective campaign results. The next important step is to confirm the campaign goals and KPIs. After all of your hard work, you want to make sure you can track and measure your successes, identify the future opportunity areas, and get marketing attribution for revenue.

Goals and Metrics

As part of your initial campaign design, it’s vital to set up the goals and objectives for your campaign. These may include:

  • Tracking net new names
  • Counting event registrations
  • Increasing content downloads
  • Improving engagement with your organization or content
  • Generating marketing qualified leads (MQLs)
  • Moving prospects along in the sales cycle
  •  Re-engaging dead leads

Some of the metrics above are easy to track and gather, will others are a little more difficult to capture. It’s also important to set your baseline targets, so you can measure campaign results against expectations, and compare these results against industry averages.

Create an action plan and a schedule to capture all of the key metrics. Determine who is responsible for reporting on the campaign results.

You may need to run reports from all of your systems, do custom calculations, or even get feedback from the sales team to ensure you’re measuring all elements of your campaign and getting the correct results. Schedule a campaign postmortem so you can review your successes and opportunity areas and then use this information to plan improvements for the next campaign.

Design your campaign goals, metrics and KPIs and build campaign reporting dashboards at the beginning, so your metrics will be plug and play after each campaign launch.

Your Reporting Checklist:

  • Define key metrics and KPIs
  • Determine the process for gathering each metric and the data source
  • Confirm the project owners for results gathering and report delivery
  • Plan a campaign postmortem to discuss successes, lessons learned and next steps

These are some of the most overlooked items we find on our client checklists.  How about yours?