Marketers have an ailment – an attribution ailment. And it’s costing them big time.

81% of marketers would increase spending on digital, mobile, and social channels, but they struggle to accurately measure their ROI. In fact, research shows they could be missing up to half of their conversions.

There is an antidote, however, for those who are ailing: call attribution software. And it benefits every type of marketer.

call attribution

The Digital Advertising Team

The digital advertising team is challenged with developing compelling, innovate, and engaging digital marketing campaigns. They need detailed intelligence to know what is driving awareness, interest, and conversion. Call attribution software enables them to:

  • Optimize for the digital ads and keywords driving customer calls with the same tools you use for clicks
  • Drive more conversions and revenue while lowering your customer acquisition costs
  • Prove the full impact of your digital programs on revenue
  • Know that you can drive
X% more conversions and customers if your budget was increased by Y%
  • Optimize keyword bids and ad messaging for the words customers really use

The Web Team

The web team focuses on a user’s website experience while optimizing for site conversions. Data on a visitor’s behavior, their path through the website, and what gets them to convert, can be used to better retarget each visitor with compelling messaging. They use call attribution software to:

  • Prove the complete impact of their website on sales by getting credit for customer calls
  • Increase sales by providing private offers to website visitors who called but didn’t become customers
  • Drive higher sales from their website by understanding what web pages and content led to every call
  • Improve their site’s conversion rate by including call conversions as a metric in A/B tests

The Analytics Team

Analytics teams support the overall marketing department by providing strategic insights based on digital trends and customer analytics to drive sales, profitable growth, and greater customer digital engagement. To do this effectively, they need a complete view of customer behavior. Call attribution software helps them:

  • Make smarter decisions by adding missing call conversion data to their analytics data
  • Understand the role calls play in the customer journey and their impact on revenue
  • See which marketing programs generate not only the most calls, but the most customers and revenue
  • Know exactly which marketing programs are most effective at getting new customers to call


The CMO and/or VPs of Marketing are responsible for overseeing all marketing initiatives within an organization. They strive to facilitate growth and increase revenue generations while reducing costs. They need to demonstrate marketing’s ROI, and they use call attribution software to:

  • Accurately track the ROI from their marketing investments, not just those that convert online
  • Prove to their CEO, executive team, and the board how every marketing program is growing your business
  • Have complete, closed-loop attribution insights to defend the return on their marketing spend and make a compelling case for more budget
  • Embrace the role phone calls play in the customer journey and gain insights to optimize marketing to acquire more customers faster

Want to learn more about what call attribution software is, how you can integrate it with the tools you already use, and why you should combine it with call conversion technology? Check out our eBook, The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Call Attribution.