Do You Have Chemistry with Your Marketing Plan?


Now in the last few episodes of its final season, Breaking Bad is a common topic around the IMA water cooler. We have come up with jokes, memes, recipe ideas and one of our social media team even provides valuable insight on the Breaking Bad predictions wiki. For those of you who haven’t lived yet aren’t familiar with the show, the main character is Walter White. Over the course of five seasons Walt has changed from a mild-mannered chemistry teacher with a run of bad luck to the mastermind behind a multi million dollar crystal meth empire. As with everything else, we try to learn/communicate marketing ideas from everything we encounter in life and online. Below we explore a few critical aspects of how Walter White built and marketing his product.

Spoiler Alert: If you aren’t caught up, don’t blame us for reading the rest of this article


Whatever you create, make it the best.

Walt’s background as a talented chemist gave him the skills and knowledge to make crystal meth that was far superior to anything currently on the market. With a purity of 99.1% Walt’s “crystal blue” meth quickly gained a name for itself. The same is true with your product, services and especially marketing efforts. To establish your company’s product or service as the best in a specific vertical or market segment will automatically make your offering more desirable, open doors to new market growth and allow you to strengthen your unit pricing. Building your brand as a leader ultimately hinges on your determination to provide quality.


Distribution is important

While having the best product in the world, Walt quickly discovered that without solid distribution channels that his product was worthless. The same is true for marketing. You can create the best content or offers in the world, but if no one knows about it then it is not only worthless, but your efforts towards perfection are a loss. You need to focus on your buyer’s persona and make sure you are utilizing the appropriate distribution channels. From social networks and guest blogs to email marketing and YouTube explore every relevant option for getting your message into the right hands.

Have a Plan and Know Your Numbers


Walt didn’t get into the business for the thrills. He had specific goals to accomplish and a clear path to obtaining them. The same is true with inbound marketing. If you aren’t aiming at something you are likely to chase every rabbit that you see or worse head down a path that takes you farther from your objective. If you want more information on how to set marketing goals check out this great article Hubspot created about creating SMART goals.

Learn to adapt your processes and tools to capitalize.

At various points throughout the show Walt and his loyal assistant Jesse have to change their location, procure new ingredients, improve and adapt how they cook meth and more importantly how they keep it hidden. The same is true for marketing. If you try marketing the exact same way every month, then over time your results will taper off and eventually you will be caught… by the competition. For example, try A/B testing an email subject line or adding a CTA to an entirely new area of your website. Minor changes can sometimes have major positive results.

If a marketing channel is not furthering the growth of your business, get rid of it.

As Walt continues his spiral towards the deep dark persona of Heisenberg we see his tolerance for people who hinder or oppose him and his goals completely disappear.

When it comes to our marketing and distribution channels we should have the “Heisenberg mentality”. For example, if your target persona is not a Pinterest user, and you are not generating quality traffic or leads then QUIT WASTING YOUR TIME. There is no point in trying to force something that isn’t working or be on a particular social media channel just because “everyone else is.” We actually published a great article a while back all about the true value of certain social interactions.

Check it out here.

Oh and one more thing: if you don’t know your marketing or how to meet to the goals you want, tread lightly (Or hire us.)