Have you ever noticed what happens when you put your intentions, ideas and thoughts out to the universe and show the world, without fear, who you really are? Synchronicity!

Apply what I am about to share with you to your business and observe how you will divinely attract what your business needs to prosper.

The Law of Attraction and Bikini Marketing

The Law Of Attraction says, “like attracts like.” So I challenge you to think about building your business and attracting your audience with that idea in mind.

Only when you are authentic in your business initiatives are you able to attract those who are seeking you.

You must leave fear at your doorstep. The voice in your head that worries, “What if I share too much?” Ignore it. The fear of sharing too much information is not welcome in business in the 21st century. Actually, the “more” you share the more people want what you have to offer.

Share links, share ideas, share data, share your personality, share your expertise — go for it! The results will pay off.

This concept is what we call the Bikini Marketing Principle — share the first 80 percent and the desire for the last 20 percent will skyrocket.

Yes, I am suggesting you put your wisdom and charisma on the table. Not all of it, but most! Leave just enough to be desired.

So, before we continue, let’s take a big inhale and slowly exhale … OMMMM …

Repeat this mantra:

I am authentic and am no longer afraid to share information. The more I share, the more authentic I am. The more positive and authentic I am, the more I will attract people for the greater good of my life and my business.

Close Your Eyes and Visualize

Let’s put this all in motion.

Imagine you are in a meeting selling your product to a new customer, or perhaps you are having your first phone conversation with a prospective client looking to build an enduring consumer brand.

Here’s what you do:

1. Set your intentions. If you are hoping to close a deal, make a sale or gain the trust of a new customer, visualize your intention happening effortlessly. Be mindful during the conversation of what you need to do to attract that desired outcome.

2. Share your expertise. For example, if you are a brand consultant during your introductory call, walk your prospective client through the details of the brand development process. Follow your call up with a shared link to a great article you’ve read about branding. Don’t wait until they have agreed to pay you a retainer.

3. Share an idea. If, during the call, you have a great idea for an online campaign that will help your prospective client, share it! You don’t need to give away the details, provide just enough information to whet their whistle.

4. Be Your authentic self. Let your personality shine through. People like to work with people who are relatable, positive and smart.

So, next time you have a meeting, speak with a new client, write your next blog or develop branded content consider putting The Law of Attraction, the Bikini Marketing Principle and visualization to use – synchronicity will soon follow!