In order to find out what’s most important to your target market your personal brand needs to stay on top of the latest marketing trends. Sharing the right content is critical to gaining more subscribers and followers on social media.

There are several places to spot good content both in print and video. As more readers are turning to their mobile devices you can find what will most grab their attention the most in all platforms.

The right content curation strategy takes good research, knowing which hashtags are trending for your industry, and measurement. Here’s how your brand can be more successful in the new age of digital marketing online:

  • Find out where your community is active – Take a look at other places where your audience can be reached such as SMS text messaging and podcasts. As you plan your content create a mix of a blog post, infographic, video, slideshow, ect. in order to get your message out to as many people as possible.
  • Leverage social groups – Your brand can learn a lot from community members in places like Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Here you can connect with like-minded individuals and find out what topics interest them the most. Use these places to test out new approaches in your marketing such as posting a how-to video or sparking a conversation about the latest news in your industry.
  • Go to the Q&A websites – There’s a lot of good information from your community in places like Quora, Feedly, and Feed Spot. Here you can get the newest updates in your target market as well as spot new trends to find out what is most important to your community.
  • Use intelligent search – Google has provided a way to discover even more of what people are most interested in online with Knowledge Graph. This“intelligent search” software provides insights on exactly what your audience is looking for and why. Get precise data on questions that are being asked and why consumers are making purchases.

Sharing relevant and interesting content for both computer and mobile audiences throughout the month on a consistent basis will help grow your personal brand online. Track your progress each month on the number of interactions, subscribers, clicks, ect. through services like Google Analytics and on social media. Knowing what your audience is looking for will help your brand stay ahead of the game in a changing digital marketplace.