One of the most buzzed about sessions at SXSW was when Smashing Pumpkin’s Billy Corgan joined Brian Solis on stage to discuss the theme of Brian’s new book, No More Business As Usual.

Publications like the Huffington Post and Rolling Stone ran articles that featured headlines like, “Billy Corgan Rants At SXSW: ‘I Was Part Of A Generation That Changed The World'” and “Billy Corgan Rants About ‘Posers’ at SXSW”.

Billy clearly conveyed frustration with the music industry’s slow move to recognize and adapt to the social consumer and the incredibly fast rise of unprepared Internet sensations like Lana Del Rey.

But, what struck me most was his idea that it was the consumer’s responsibility to support the musicians and artists.

I would counter that it is first the artist’s responsibility to connect with their fans and promote and sell their music in unique ways. Many of today’s artists have taken advantage of the way the web and social media allows for accessibility and connectivity the to their fans. Take Lady Gaga, for example. You may not like her music, but it would be hard for you to dispute her talent and savvy self-promotion.

Like the rest of businesses today, the entertainment industry and its mega-spoiled stars need to adopt different business practices to thrive in today’s marketplace. Brian Solis writes, “realize that you are part of a consumer revolution that is changing the future of business, media, and culture.”

It is truly the end of business as usual!