In today’s environment, there is a lot of talk about going green, but who is really undertaking it?  In a recent conversation with Scott Young, the Director of Boxman Studios Trade Show Division, we discussed their passion for our environment and how it translates into booth design.  They have a compelling story to tell in that they are “the only company on the planet to design, develop and deploy brand immersion experiences created from decommissioned shipping containers.”

Shipping Containers?

Their website has this information:

Boxman Studios is a North Carolina-based company that re-purposes decommissioned shipping containers – rendered irrelevant, rusting away – and turns them into mobile, hip and environmentally friendly venues that are completely customizable and perfectly suited for everything – including trade show booths.

They’ve crossed vast oceans.

Traversed massive continents.

They can withstand the harshest elements.

And in our hands, they become the ideal setting for hosting parties, seating spectators, serving food, providing shelter, working, living, playing…

Just add people.

Let’s take a look at what a booth might look like.  Scott supplied me with a couple of photos taken from PRI 2010, a performance racing show.

I have asked Scott, what is the reaction from prospects when you start talking about your solution?  He shares that those companies who want to tell a “green” story and convey their company’s social responsibilities can do so by using one of the many designs.  They can weave into their own booth story the desire to have a minimal impact on the environment and visibly demonstrate it.  Also, for some exhibitors, it allows them to upgrade their footprint on the floor to an island location and still be within their budgets.