Are you looking for a way to stand out from your competitors? Consider writing a book!

Imagine being a real estate agent, vying against hundreds of real estate agents in your local area. What if you were the one realtor with your own book – say, “Sell Your House in 48 Hours Flat.” Suddenly you would become the go-to agent, putting you miles ahead of your competition!

Getting your book out of your head and onto paper

The idea of writing a book for your business may sound intriguing, but how do you write one? Where do you find the time? What if you’re a terrible writer?

What if I told you that in 30 to 60 days you could write a powerhouse book that positions you as a top authority in your field without writing a single word?

You can – using these tips and resources, writing it will be easy:

  • Scared to write? No problem – can write a book for you in just 90 minutes. They interview you, asking questions that draw out your knowledge and expertise, then they do the writing.They’ll even design your cover for you! You don’t have to write anything – you just need to know your stuff.
  • Another option is to “talk” your book out by recording it on a conference line, then having it transcribed. This is a great choice if you’re more comfortable speaking than writing.
  • Don’t have a publisher? Amazon’s CreateSpace makes it easy to self-publish your book. You can order copies for as little as $2 each and hand them out to customers and prospects as a gift.Imagine the trust you’ll gain with a new prospect by handing them an autographed copy of your book!

    The website also offers a full array of publishing services, including interior layout, cover design, and more. With CreateSpace, you don’t need an agent or a publisher to publish a book.

So what do you write about? Here’s an easy formula to follow:

  1. What is your prospect’s pain point?
  2. Why does it matter to them?
  3. How do you ease the pain?
  4. What will happen if they don’t fix this issue?
  5. Help them make the change with a call to action

Using your book to get the right clients

Now that you have your book, how do you use it as a lead magnet for your business? Here are some ideas to attract high-end clients using your book as your calling card.

  • Offer your book for free (with just the cost of shipping). After all, who can resist free stuff?Once someone reads your work, they’ll be excited to take the next step to go deeper with you. Include plenty of calls to action to schedule a breakthrough session, join your private Facebook group, or purchase your popular programs and services.
  • Sell books at the back of the room at speaking engagements. After people hear you speak, they’ll want to take a little piece of you home with them!
  • Email a PDF copy of your book to prospects with your compliments.
  • Send an autographed copy as a gift to VIP colleagues whom you’d like to work with on joint ventures.
  • Ask your tribe if they know anyone you could send a free copy of your book to with your compliments. It’s a gift that works as a warm referral!
  • Find a local business willing to buy a case of your books to give away to their employees or team members.
  • Write a press release and submit it to your local media. When people read about your book, they’ll be excited to work with an expert right in their hometown.

While writing and selling a book may not make you rich, there are huge opportunities to be gained on the back end.

You’ll be seen as a top authority. The media will want to feature you in their publications. You may be asked to speak at events. Podcast hosts will invite you to be on their show. You may find yourself asked to be part of a virtual online event.

But the best thing is that you’ll no longer chase customers – they now come to YOU!

Have you thought about writing a book and haven’t done so yet?