Doesn’t matter if you’re sending marketing messages via email, social media, direct mail, or passenger pigeon. Your messages are triggered by either time or customer-specific actions.

Time-based marketing would be a Christmas sale or perhaps a Happy Hour special. Customer-specific actions are triggered by the fact they just became a customer, are about celebrate a birthday, or abandoned their shopping cart.

If you’re doing email marketing and using the word “blast” to describe your efforts, then you should stop reading now and go back to your cave. Blasting is firehosing potential customers with blatant marketing: a one way stream of interruptive sales materials. The customer is a target– prey to be killed, as opposed to valuable individuals we have the honor of serving.

Mike Gingerich, who is the co-founder of Tabsite and an expert in lead generation, summed it up best, comparing blasting to a screaming school teacher:

mikegingerich_1367953710_53What child ever truly liked the screaming school teacher?  It’s all about being relevant, timely, and helpful yet today!

If you’re doing social media marketing, are you self-promoting or are you listening? If your social posting is a one-way stream of stuff about your business, you’re basically spamming. Blasting is trying to fix a fine Swiss watch with blunt sledgehammer blows.

Tron Jordheim, who has done lead generation for StorageMart and is a renowned business speaker, is an advocate for finding the right placement at the right time, with the right message:

2015-08-01 02_20_32-tron jordheim - Google SearchThere is so much noise and so many messages coming at us all day long that we tend to block out blasts. But the few times a day when a relevant and well placed suggestion is posed to us, it becomes noticeable and sticks in our mind.

Consider your audiences needs, and nurture them. Don’t just turn the hose on and aim it at your plants, you’ll drown them. The proper way to grow them is the right amount at the right time. The same goes for your audience.