3065194050_41ee69f153_b (1)Black Friday – it’s kind of like the Super Bowl of shopping. Shoppers spend hours upon hours reading the advertisements received through direct mail and email, planning which stores have the best sales and the order that will give them the best luck of getting the items they want. If you don’t have a plan, you are extremely brave for facing the insane crowds filling the malls and stores. While the thought of getting all my Christmas shopping done in one fell swoop, with all the items being on sale, sounds amazing, the overwhelming amount of people is enough to keep me in bed instead. Although I will not be out among the crowds this Black Friday, I still like to know what the newest and hottest trends will be on Black Friday and I think I found what’s hot for 2014.

Over the past few years, the presence of mobile devices being used to shop has increased. During the 2013 Black Friday shopping events, mobile traffic grew to 39.7% which was a 34% increase from 2012. Mobile usage is expected to make an even bigger appearance during the 2014 Black Friday and holiday shopping events. Other than making purchases using a mobile device, another major reason mobile usage while shopping has increased is due to consumers webrooming and wanting to find the lowest possible price on the items they need. While webrooming is beneficial and can help to save money, it can be a tedious task to check out a handful of websites in order to compare the prices. Well, thanks to Google, webrooming has become even easier starting this week.

This week Google announced on its blog that they would be launching the best tool for IMG_2356webrooming, just in time for all of the Black Friday and holiday shopping festivities. When a consumer searches for a specific item on Google, for example a Samsung tv, at the top of the results page you will now see a sponsored google ad that shows you all the information you need to know about a Samsung tv including, a picture, prices at various stores, and detailed information, including reviews. Another cool feature that will be available on Google Shopping is the 360 degree view of the products you are looking at.

While mobile usage during this Black Friday and holiday season was already expected to increase even more from last year, it will be interesting to see the impact Google Shopping will have on it this year. Google Shopping has made webrooming that much easier, making non-Black Friday shoppers like me, actually think twice about being up way before sunrise in order to get the best prices.

If you’re planning on Black Friday shopping this Friday, good luck and make sure to check out Google Shopping, I’m pretty sure you’ll like it!