This year’s Black Friday shattered all the records.

But nothing made a bigger wave than mobile, where almost two-thirds of shoppers reported turning to mobile for their Black Friday shopping needs.

Working alongside Branding Brand, a retail app platform, we put together a detailed report about mobile’s impact. Black Friday 2017: The Mobile Report analyzes consumer survey responses from 1,000 holiday shoppers, as well as millions of Black Friday mobile data points.

Itching to learn more? We’ll dive into five of our favorite insights below. To get all the revealing data, grab your copy of the report here.

1. Mobile Outperforms Desktop

According to our survey, 65 percent of online shoppers planned to make purchases on mobile during Black Friday. Of all shoppers, 35 percent will specifically turn to smartphone apps.

Mobile has been growing year-over-year, and it’s clearly not slowing down. As brands have realized, there’s no better way to drive shopper loyalty than via a mobile app.

If you want to take advantage of shopper attention to increase app engagement, try leveraging deep linking to lead users who discover you via mobile search to download your app in the app store.

Mobile apps make for a more intuitive experience, and data shows that mobile app users are more loyal than mobile web users. In fact, according to comScore, app users spend 18x more time in-app than on mobile sites.

2. Mobile Is Responsible for More Than Purchases

Beyond pure purchasing power, mobile plays an instrumental role throughout the buying funnel. Our consumer survey found that 63 percent of shoppers plan to use mobile to avoid long lines in-store, 58 percent plan to use mobile to compare prices, and 45 percent plan to use mobile to find coupons.

Shoppers will turn to your app at every step of the funnel, so stock your app with helpful content, such as easy-to-find user reviews or a price comparison guide.

If you’re looking to engage in-store shoppers on mobile, experiment with beacons, small physical devices that track nearby phones via Bluetooth, to track customers’ precise locations. You can offer to check them out on mobile if there’s a long line, understand patterns in foot traffic, complementary items that may catch shoppers’ eyes, which aisles are most overlooked, and more.

3. Push Notification Engagement Skyrockets

When you have an amazing Black Friday deal, you need to communicate it to your users. What’s the megaphone of the mobile world? Push notifications.

Data shows that marketers sent 2.7x as many mobile push notifications on Black Friday. And users matched marketers’ enthusiasm, opening those push notifications 2.6x as often.

All the hard work you spend promoting a sale isn’t lost on users. They’re well-aware of your campaigns, and data proves that they’re coming back to engage with your app more often. When they come back to your app to purchase, make it easy for them to convert with a seamless checkout flow. Some tips:

  • Offer a sign-in option with stored information from the last checkout
  • Add a progress bar if the process is lengthy
  • Streamline payment with a digital wallet or Apple Pay
  • A/B test all new changes against the original to continually optimize

4. Shoppers Are More Likely to Opt Into Communications

So you know the key to engaging users on mobile is push notifications … but how do you get them to opt-in? Historically, this has been a struggle — on average, only 40 percent of users opt-in to push notifications. But there’s good news ahead: Half of shoppers said they are likely to enable push notifications to learn about Black Friday deals.

This is a great opportunity to send a pre-permission message that asks users to opt-in to push notifications. Next time users are in your app, find a moment of delight — like when they add an item to their cart or wishlist — and let them know that opting in to push means they’ll get exclusive intel when it comes to sales.

5. Black Friday Isn’t Just for Retail

Retail isn’t the only app vertical that benefits from Black Friday. In fact, app usage spikes across verticals. Mobile games, news, and fitness apps saw similar boosts.

Here’s why: What do you do when you’re at home with your family, in between making small talk with Grandma, dodging political conversations with Uncle Pete, and arguing over the remote with your siblings? Download and play mobile games!

Additionally, news apps and fitness apps experienced a lift on Black Friday. With such a busy year for politics, news naturally makes sense. For fitness apps, there may have been an increased attempt to get people active and outdoors — think an incentivized 5K run or a long walk with relatives.

Get More Black Friday Mobile Data

Ready to dive in? Get the most comprehensive mobile data from Black Friday — compliments of Leanplum and Branding Brand. Download Black Friday 2017: The Mobile Report today.