I don’t think you’ll need to call an emergency meeting of Mensa International to debate this assumption but the more people you know in business, the better chance you’ll meet someone that can help you in your business.

Whether you are looking to sell more products or services or to find someone to sell you products or services, knowing people will help you obtain your goal.

Networking, cold calling, marketing, sales or the latest and newest buzz word that describes two people talking with each other, it’s all about knowing and meeting people. Talking with people is a most effective method in obtaining big data. But the key is getting to know new people and remaining in contact with previous contacts.

A problem we face is that we live in an instant society so as soon as we meet someone especially one that is a prospect we are looking to convert them from a prospect into a client yesterday. Developing relationships with people takes time. Friendships take times. Two people that got married took some time. (Unless what a friend of mine did when on a flight from Chicago to Las Vegas, met a flight attendant, before landing proposed, acceptance, deplaned and off to an Elvis Chapel, got married followed by divorce 2 days later)

How many times have you met someone, kept their business card, had a few brief exchanges with them, then forgot about them? Or met someone, kept their card, a few brief exchanges, put them in the back of your contact list but when an opportunity came up where you needed what they were offering, you called them? Time is a scarce commodity but we need to make time to keep up with people that we come across in the course of our business lives. My wife will ask me, “Where did you meet him?” Then I go through the cycle in my mind of going backwards until I connect all the dots. Think about it. How many steps did it take or introductions did it take to meet someone you consider a friend, good referral source or a business friend?

Some believe we need to narrow our focus in networking. Again, not a Mensa question but how do we know what resources these people that we have a chance opportunity to meet or that they were introduced to us by someone else, how do we know how valuable they can become for us?

Everyone you meet will have at least three characteristics for us in business:

  1. They can turn into a client.
  2. They have someone they can introduce us to us.
  3. They can be a resource for my clients or prospects.

You just never know.

Cast the wide net when networking. Bring in people to you. Some will be helpful and some not so helpful…..but you never know.