So, how’s your 2017 going? Got your content marketing strategy all sorted out and humming along? No? Well, that’s okay. There’s still time to sort it out; in fact, there’s always time to sort it out. Tech marketers do it all the time, well, they usually stop it all the time. Picking it back up can be a challenge, but I’m here to help you with that. Whether you’re starting or re-starting your content marketing strategy, a Tech Marketing Playbook ensures you continue it. Ensures you rock your tech content marketing all year long, in every channel.

Quick Reminder: What is a Tech Marketing Playbook?

A Tech Marketing Playbook (or TMP as I call them) is an integrated messaging document you use to produce all of your content marketing pieces. It’s loaded with a set of integrated and persuasive marketing messages about your tech product or service. A TMP sets up you up with consistent and strategically-produced marketing messages for every channel you use.

When you create one, you’ll have an essential roadmap that’s anywhere from 5-10 pages long. A TMP contains all the relevant marketing and selling statements about your tech products that you’ll build your content marketing on.

What’s the Benefit to a Tech Marketing Playbook?

The single biggest benefit to a TMP is that it gives you the single-source of marketing truth from which to create all of your essential marketing content. Use it with your in-house copywriters and freelancers alike to create:

  • Engaging product pages that explain the benefits of your products, relating them to your customer’s pain points.
  • Video scripts that showcase your products and how they help your customers overcome obstacles.
  • Lead generation brochures to give away in-person to your leads and prospects to show how you can help them.
  • Business blog posts and web articles that build brand awareness and thought leadership in your industry.
  • Informative LinkedIn company page to develop and encourage your brand awareness.

Now, Creating Tech Marketing Messages is Easier

Yes, you read that right. With a TMP you’ll be creating all sorts of content for your marketing channels more efficiently and effectively. Especially ones you need to create on-the-fly to take advantage of a topical moment or because your CEO had a great conversation with some board members. You’ll be able to create and publish content that supports all of this and more whenever you need to.

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