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In-person events are an amazing opportunity to get to know your prospects and customers. You can have a face-to-face conversation and ask questions that get you and your sales team the data you need to guide your prospect through the buyer’s journey.

But are you collecting the right kind of information at events?

When it comes to lead collection at events, many marketers stick with the basics. They scan a badge, hand out some swag or marketing collateral, maybe swap business cards, and send the prospect on her way. That strategy yields basic demographic information – but that’s not enough to grab a prospect’s attention on the follow-up.

Events aren’t cheap, and marketers need a way to drive more ROI for every event. Deepening the data you collect about each lead gives you a lot more to work with in terms of turning that prospect into a qualified lead and eventually a sale.

Don’t leave valuable prospect information on the event floor. Make sure you’re finding out these five things about your prospects before they leave your booth.

1. Are they just browsing, or really interested in your product/service?

This question helps your sales team sift through the piles of business cards and prioritize hot leads. You should have a system for assigning lead priority for every person you meet – along with why they are hot, warm, or cool.

2. Where do they fit into your buyer personas?

B2B marketers should jump on any opportunity to add persona data to their lead records. You could use a simple interactive assessment or ask pre-planned questions to find out where the person you’re talking to fits and mark that down in your system of record.

3. Do they fit your qualification criteria?

You’ll meet a lot of people at events – not all of them will be perfect fits for your offering. Events are a great time to find out who qualifies and who should be disqualified – pre-sifting leads so you don’t have to spend undue time following up with a bad fit prospect.

4. Where are they in their buying process?

This is a key piece of information that makes your job in nurturing your lead in the future that much easier. If you’re able to assign “awareness,” “consideration,” or “decision” labels to your leads when you meet them, you can be much more efficient in following up and guiding them to the next logical step.

5. How should you follow up with them?

People get a ton of emails after events. Getting to know your prospect at the booth and sending them the perfect follow up – ideally while they’re still at the event – will help keep you top of mind for your prospect and make it more likely they’ll respond to future outreach.

The good news?

You can use interactive content to gather all this information and more. All this data collection becomes that much easier when it’s part of a pre-built experience that flows seamlessly into your marketing automation system.

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