Recognizing the value of teaming up with partners, BrightTALK ™ demand generation team members Katrina McEwan and Ying Zhang join forces at “Better Together: The True Value of Marketing Partnerships”. The webinar presents key benefits you can expect from a marketing collaboration, as well as some helpful tips to ensure a successful alliance. Using as examples case studies from Intel, Domino’s and The Walt Disney Company, the webinar shows why engaging in a partnership could help increase ROI.

The webinar focuses on five fundamental advantages of marketing partnerships:

• Basking in your partner’s glow

• Raising brand awareness

• Engaging with new audiences

• Reducing marketing expenses and increasing ROI

• Leveraging new content

A successful partnership should be equally beneficial for both parties involved. More often than not, a partnership proves to be successful because each side is able to provide a service or product that the other lacks. In the case of The Walt Disney Company and YouTube, for example, the video-sharing website was able to improve their brand image by being seen as more family-friendly, while Disney was able to distribute their content on a platform where they were sure their viewers would see it. Similarly, with over 1.4 million professional subscribers who view content regularly, BrightTALK distributes partner content directly to a relevant and engaged target audience.

Conducting proper research is crucial to a successful partnership. You should have a clear understanding of what it is you want to get out of the partnership and what your potential partners can gain in return. With the value exchange in mind, you’ll be well equipped to construct a plan for achieving your mutually beneficial goals. Evaluation is also important: put metrics in place in order to track your progress and revisit the conversation at regular intervals to make necessary adjustments.

The webinar tackles some popular viewer questions, many of which focus on moving away from a failed partnership and on the logistics of forming relationships with potential partners. The speakers discuss changing priorities as the main cause of unsuccessful partnerships and emphasize making sure you stay true to your focus. Finally, they recommend using networks like LinkedIn to find contacts relevant to your business.

Here at BrightTALK, we really value the relationships we’ve made with both our partners and our thought leaders. We appreciate the relevant content that our partners distribute on our channels and do our part in ensuring that they get sufficient access to their target audience. Nurturing these relationships has always been at the core of our business and we look forward to building even more connections in the months to come.