Get better marketing results with these lead generation secrets

You may be doing everything you can do drum up website visits – paid search engine marketing, SEO, Facebook advertising – and it might be working really well for you, but visitors still leave without converting. But, all is not lost. Here are some unique tools you can use to stay in front of your site visitors and even reach new audiences to drive leads and lift your marketing efforts.

1. Leverage Retargeting to Drive Return Visits

Retargeting technology shows site visitors your display ads after they leave your site as they surf the web – including on mobile and sites like Facebook. Then, when that prospect sees your ad, they may be more likely to return to your website, which can bring them closer to a conversion. Retargeting can significantly lift search advertising efforts and help generate more ROI from your budget.

2. Reach New Prospects with Lookalike Targeting

In order to expand your display or retargeting ads to brand new prospects, you can use lookalike audiences. This capability looks for new audiences online that have similarities to your website visitors, using factors such as their location, age and gender demographics, and interests. This is a great way to create interest with people who may not already be familiar with your business, enticing them to visit to your site and learn about you, which could result in a conversion at that time or later in the buying process.

3. Try Live Chat to Engage Website Leads

Sometimes, prospects may visit your website but hesitate to contact you for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s after hours and they for fear you might not answer. Or, if they’re sending an email or completing a form, they’re not sure you’re getting their message. Investing in live chat for your website can solve these problems because it engages your visitors proactively and provides an easier way to have a conversation with your business without the wait. If you tend to get a lot of visitors after business hours, you can use a chat service like TotalLiveChat that employs 24-hour agents who can answer basic questions about your business and capture leads that you can follow up with the following business day.

If you’re not driving the leads you want from your marketing, adding an additional, cost-effective tactic can help you improve the ROI from your primary marketing efforts. What tactics will you try to lift your lead generation results?