With an average yearly audience of 114.4 million viewers, placing an advert in-between the world’s second most-watched annual sporting event is not something to be sniffed at.

Commercial airtime during the Super Bowl broadcast is the most expensive of the year, costing anything from $2 – $12 million for a 30 second screening. We’ve plucked some of the high and lowlights from the “Big Game’s” colourful advertising history for your amusement.

T-Mobile – #UnlimitedMoves with Justin Bieber

Whatever your opinion on Justin Bieber, T-Mobile’s contribution has certainly earned its attention in this celeb-spattered offering, featuring questionable stereotypes of cavemen, cheerleaders and a tenuous link to the Super Bowl itself. The advert is currently the 48th most trending video on YouTube.

Honda – Yearbooks

Encouraging people to “chase their dreams” and praising those that have, Honda delves into the yearbooks of high-profile celebrities to promote its latest vehicle.

Yellow Tail – Wines

For a wine advert, (the first to air at the Super Bowl in 40 years), Yellow Tail’s commercial seems to be somewhat lacking in taste.

Kia Niro – “Hero’s Journey” with Melissa McCarthy

Following suit with the other “spot the celebrity” commercials, Kia teamed up with Melissa McCarthy, a.k.a. a comically unfortunate eco-warrior.

National Geographic – Genius

“Albert Einstein” (Geoffrey Rush) playing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance on a violin. ‘Nuff said.

And from previous Super Bowls:

Groupon – Tibet (2011)

Piggy-backing on what at first seems a sincere campaign for Tibetan refugees, Groupon’s advert backfired by causing international offence for appearing to trivialise the cause. It was wiped from live broadcasting less than a week after it was aired.

Snickers featuring Betty White (2010)

The first time Betty White and Snickers justified the definition of ‘hangry’ for us all.

Budweiser – Clydesdales (2003)

Messages of motivation delivered straight from the donkey’s mouth.

Dirt Devil – Fred Astaire (1997)

Charging head-on into issues of consent, Dirt Devil used CGI to reanimate old images of Fred Astaire 10 years after he passed away, without gaining permission to do so first. The advert’s legal implications led to the passage of the Astaire Bill, allowing relatives to protect images of deceased celebrities.

Click to view.

Apple – Sledgehammer (1984)

A play on George Orwell’s 1984, the first ever advert for Apple’s Macintosh computer was just as pioneering as the novel it was based on and unintentionally, the legacy the brand would create. Also directed by Ridley Scott, no less.