Best Lead Generation Methods Best Lead Generation Methods to Drive Sales

What are the best lead generation methods?

Ever feel like filing a harassment lawsuit against companies that truly seem to be invading your personal space? Whether it’s ten e-mails a day, two phone calls a day, or a letter in the mail each week; these forms of lead generation become obnoxious and unwanted extremely quickly. According to Mashable’s Content Editor Lauren Drell, 200 million Americans have signed up for the Do Not Call List, 86% of people change the channel or fast forward through television commercials, and 44% of direct mail is trashed without ever being opened. These outdated tactics are considered forms of outbound marketing or as some have dubbed it; interruption marketing. While constant e-mail, cold calls, and television advertisements all worked quite well at one point in time, there is a new era upon us. This era is driven by technology which has allowed consumers to become much more educated and have a plethora of options when it comes to purchasing a product or service. How can your company continue to gain customers when traditional lead generation has reached the point of harassment? How about trying out some of the best lead generation methods around including inbound marketing which, allows your customers to come to you. Through channels such as content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization, your business can customize it’s message to reach your audience when your customer is looking for your product/service. This way they don’t feel as if you are hunting them, they find your company. We’ve listed below some of the best lead generation methods you can implement right away for your business..

Steps to Lead Generation with Inbound Marketing

The best lead generation methods do not force a company’s message; it earns the attention and the trust of the potential consumer ultimately converting them into a patron. There are four steps to create a successful lead generation strategy:

  1. Attract traffic
  2. Turn visitors into leads
  3. Turn leads into sales
  4. Turn one time customers into repeat customers

Step 1: Attract traffic

Attracting traffic seems simple enough; write a few blogs posts, have a Facebook, Twitter, etc. and link them all together. What companies often do not realize is that much preparation must go into generating content that the customer will stumble upon. You must keep your target audience in mind when posting to the internet. Write blogs potential customers would want to read, create videos they would find useful, and ensure your company website is search engine friendly; making it easy for internet surfers to come across the site in a keyword search. It is also crucial to have active profiles on all the major social media sites in order for your inbound marketing campaign to be most successful.

Step 2: Turn visitors into leads

Converting website visitors into leads comes next. In order to be able to communicate with visitors, one must give them a reason to offer up their contact information. One of the best strategies for this is by offering something in return for their e-mail address. For example, offering a free e-book by filling out a contact information form.

Step 3: Turn leads into sales

The most difficult stage of inbound marketing is morphing leads into sales. Companies must understand that there are steps to interacting with customers. Just like in day to day life; would you trust someone you met today to babysit your child or drive your car? Most likely not. You must gain the trust of the potential consumer by being honest, keeping in contact, and/or giving them time. If your company shoves it’s product/services down a customer’s throat, it defeats the purpose of inbound marketing. Keep in mind that customers are coming to you. Keeping in contact with your potential customer can be done by updating your company’s social media profiles and occasionally sending e-mails that provide value to your leads. In the end, your company can send as many e-mails, post as many statuses, and tweet as many tweets as it likes. This will not make a lead become a customer. The customer must be ready to satisfy their need and make a purchase; the best lead generation methods incorporate a number of moving parts to produce a sale.

Step 4: Turn one time customers into repeat customers

The final step of inbound marketing is to make your one time customer a repeat customer. Besides ensuring that they are fully satisfied with your company’s product/service, you must continue to keep in contact with them by sending e-mails and staying connected to them through all social media. It is more beneficial to keep an old customer than to gain a new one. If your customer is completely happy with your product/service they will talk of their experience, in turn spreading the word of your company’s reputable work, and we all know this is the best lead generation method of all time.

Oh and one more thing…

Following the four best lead generation methods will generate attention, visitors, leads, and sales. It seems to be a no-brainer to get your company involved with inbound marketing! What ultimately causes inbound marketing to trump outbound marketing? Inbound marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing per lead according to Lauren Drell of So what are you waiting for? As soon as you throw out all that unwanted junk mail you received, get started on your company’s inbound marketing strategy!

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