Marketing Unicorn


The start of a new company is rewarding, exciting, and completely overwhelming. Every new business comes with a host of new issues and responsibilities that generally fall to the entrepreneur. But one person can’t possibly cover every position in a startup, so then there’s the issue of hiring.

One of those hiring needs is for marketing. Establishing your brand and spreading the word is vital to the early stages of your business. You need a well-defined target audience, and you need to constantly be attracting that audience.

If you’re an overwhelmed entrepreneur and you need a marketing team to spread the word about your startup, where should you begin? Marketing takes a lot of skills—at a minimum, your marketing department is likely to need 2-4 people. You have to think about brand development, content creation, digital marketing, and PR, among other things.

But your business is a startup, and you’re trying to minimize expenses. Hiring 4 people is expensive! There’s not only salary to think about, but also benefits and maybe amenities. If they’ll be working in an office, you need space for 4 people, and you may need to provide equipment too. You’ll need email addresses and digital collaboration tools. Then there are the costs of onboarding that many people, and the long-term costs of turnover for 4 people. The costs add up quickly!

So what’s your best chance at achieving a high ROI in your marketing department?

Marketing Unicorn = High ROI

You need a Marketing Unicorn! Instead of hiring four people, you hire one of the rare marketers who is good at everything. Marketing Unicorns blend creative genius, resourcefulness, and marketing fundamentals to do the work of an entire marketing department. In addition to the lower costs associated with one person instead of four, you also save the costs of knowledge transfer and communication. A Marketing Unicorn can spend more time creating value for your business while bringing you a higher return on your investment.

Check for a broad range of capabilities—like marketing strategy, brand positioning, social media, public relations, sales enablement, creative development, content strategy, and digital marketing—to find your Marketing Unicorn.

If you do find one, you have the powerful opportunity to bring a wealth of knowledge and energy into your startup at a fraction of the cost of multiple employees. The full-time cost of a single employee is, of course, less than that of four employees, but you may also be able to work with a Marketing Unicorn on a freelance or consultant basis.

A Marketing Unicorn can help your small business or startup even with little or no marketing budget. They’ll help you reach the right audience for crucial growth and supply you with the right marketing tools and resources to scale your business.

Marketing Unicorns are a rare breed and sometimes difficult to find (that’s why they’re unicorns!), but today may be your lucky day.

Originally published here.