Be Human | MarketingOne of the things I like best about my current position is that I can look out from behind my desk and see the front desk interactions, the office and lobby interactions. I cannot necessarily hear the conversations taking place but in a moments notice I can be a part of a conversation. Also, if I see a current client in the lobby, I can go over and make an introduction.

It is a very open environment which promotes interaction and not isolation.

Some ways our company tries to be human:

  • The same hold true for the way we conduct marketing. Trade show marketing has been a part of our business for the past 15 years. It is all about people meeting people.
  • We only have an automated phone system after normal business hours. During business hours, we answer calls and make sure people are directed to a person and not an answer machine.
  • Parking next to the building. People can access our facilities without having to take too many steps.

These same principles are being applied online:

  • Continuous improvement to make our corporate website cleaner and more user-friendly
  • Connecting with people on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and GooglePlus
  • Simpler Reporting
  • Timely return on emails and phone calls

The other part of being human is making sure that you interact with your peers and take an interest in them. These people are your teammates and all of you need to act as a strong, supportive unit. I can’t stress enough how important this is with respect to the company being a successful one. Make sure people work in an environment that they can talk about their experiences with clients. It helps keep everyone in the loop.

Remember – Even with all the channels being hurled at us, it still takes people to make transactions. People have to need or want your services. With that said, make sure to keep your marketing practices always focused on people and you will see far more success than if you are focused only on technology.