Marketing StrategyAs a writer with a writing agency, I get it: it’s easy to perform a service for a client, but when it comes to doing the same thing for yourself, the job suddenly gets a lot harder (e.g. my personal blog). If you’re in the business of marketing, then you may be generating some great results for your clients, but struggling to get the same results for yourself. There’s definitely a difference between marketing a consumer product and marketing a marketing agency. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can kick up your agency’s self-marketing strategy…

7 Ways to Market Your Marketing Agency

You don’t have to start implementing all seven of these ideas. Hopefully, you’re already using a few. But, if you’re ready for a fresh start at marketing your marketing agency, then have at them!

  • Give Interviews to Bloggers. Bloggers are always looking for content. Here at the CEM Blog, we publish 3-4 times per day, which is 15-20 times per week. (We’re a writing service, so we publish a lot more than you need to.) With an editorial calendar that busy, we’re always looking for different forms of content to share. One form we love is the interview. We aren’t the only ones who love getting interviews either. Chase down some bloggers in your industry that you might be able to give an interview with!
  • Lead Webinars/Speak at Conferences. As a marketing agency, you know more about marketing than your clients do. Why not share some of that information via live webinars? Webinars and conferences provide great publicity opportunities for your agency; plus, they come with some other attractive benefits.
  • Reevaluate Your Website. Your website was pretty slick four years ago, but now it’s 2013, and times have changed. In addition to revamping your site design, check to make sure that it’s optimized for mobile.
  • Share Case Studies. Case studies are a great way to let prospective clients know what you’ve done in the past. While glossy PDF’s with custom graphics may look impressive, it’s the content that really matters. Here’s a fantastic example of a case study that is incredibly persuasive despite having no visual or aesthetic appeal.
  • Create Impressive Associations. Of course, sometimes you do want to impress. Has one of your clients been quoted in Forbes? Have you helped get a product featured on a national morning television show? Simply including those media outlets’ logos on your website helps create positive associations with site visitors.
  • Get Social. Yes, your marketing agency really should be on social networks – but make sure you’re doing it right! See the best and worst of marketing agencies on Twitter to pick up some pointers.
  • Post Client Testimonials. Nothing gets me more enthusiastic about a company or product than seeing other people enthusiastic about that company or product. Create a separate page on your website and/or re-tweet the positive things people say about your company. Just make sure you aren’t shy about letting others know that you’re loved. It’s okay, really!

What kind of marketing strategy does your agency use?