marketing to momsMany brands in the celebrations industry target the mom market, and rightly so. With over 2 trillion dollars in purchasing power, it’s no wonder that so many companies try to influence moms’ purchase decisions in some way. Yet, some brands market to moms with outdated approaches and incorrectly rely on stereotypes about this target audience.

Effectively market to moms and earn her customer loyalty as well as her spending power. These 5 common misconceptions about how to market to moms can be useful for brands to understand:

Misconception: Moms aren’t tech savvy.

Reality: The truth is quite the opposite. Moms are extremely tech savvy, as 25% of them regard themselves as a technology expert. Just over 50% of all women online are moms, and they understand technology and embrace its use. Moms are constantly connected to tech gadgets, especially their smartphones. 64% of moms own a smartphone, and mainly use it to stay connected on social media. Your brand should put a concerted effort into trying to reach moms across all online platforms, especially when it comes to smartphones, tablets, and social media.
Misconception: All moms want the same thing.

Reality: While it can be effective to market to moms as a singular group, keep in mind which subset of this group is the best fit for your brand. Older moms? New moms? Moms with only one child, or with at least three? Millennial moms or baby boomers? Differentiate which type of mom is your primary target to help your brand craft a very targeted marketing plan. Keep in mind that being a mom does not completely define these women – they are wives, sisters, friends, and so on. Personalize your messaging to reach the specific segment your brand suits, not simply the entire audience of moms.
Misconception: Moms are always loyal to one brand.

Reality: Moms do have brand loyalty, but not the same amount as their parents or grandparents once had. Many moms shop with price in mind first, or prefer to try new brands and experiment with what their family likes best. They want new experiences and question what the general population likes. With today’s savvy mom, it takes more effort to get her to consistently purchase your brand. Brand loyalty must be earned through great site content, specific product benefits, and innovative ways for your brand to connect with moms. They are willing to switch products if they feel it’s the best choice for their family – and maintaining brand loyalty is part of today’s marketing challenges. Now is the time to create a marketing strategy to increase your brand perception and customer loyalty.
Misconception: Moms find marketing emails annoying.

Reality: Moms generally like brands’ marketing emails, and find them to be useful and informative. 37% of consumers in a recent study believe emails are the most important marketing material prior to making a purchase, while 52% believe it is most important post-purchase. However, 68% of marketers don’t use email marketing or support best practices. Brands must consider that email marketing is still a very effective promotional channel, and still successfully engages moms. Make sure your email marketing campaign is timed well, adheres to best practices, and is mobile device-friendly. This last quality is crucial, as 60% of moms use their smartphone to check their email.
Misconception: Moms feel that brands really understand them.

Reality: According to global market-research agency MinTel, 75% of moms say marketers and advertisers don’t understand what it’s like to be a mom. Moms feel misunderstood by marketers, as common stereotypes sometimes drive their efforts. Brands must research and understand what today’s moms want if their goal is to connect with them. There is a large opportunity for brands to reach moms in a sincere, effective way. Discover new ways to reach, engage, and represent mom in a way that will make your brand stand out.

Avoid these common misconceptions when marketing to moms by performing necessary target audience research and listening to your customer’s needs. Moms use technology, love to discover new products, and want an emotional connection with the brands they purchase. Make sure your brand is correctly presented to moms and responds to her needs to provide a better brand experience. To learn more about marketing to moms, download our free white paper.