If your digital marketing and social media conversations are targeting everyone, you are targeting nobody!

Successful marketing equals targeted marketing! You need to consider and deeply understand the target buyer for your products and services.

Some marketers shy away from the term “targeted marketing” as they think either 1) it’s not personal enough or 2) they don’t have enough data to actually target the right customers.

One of the best ways to increase the Return on Investment (ROI) on ALL of your marketing including digital marketing, social media, content marketing, influencer marketing and more is to take an Audience First Marketing approach to your marketing.

Have you heard of audience marketing but not sure what it is, how to develop an audience first marketing strategy or how to use it to grow you business? If you answered yes, you definitely landed on the right blog post today!

Audience Marketing in a Nutshell

This comprehensive audience marketing guide includes the following:

  1. Audience Marketing in a Nutshell: How to Develop an Audience First Marketing Strategy for More Brand Awareness and Customers
  2. Podcast with more in depth training on Audience Marketing and how to get started.
  3. Additional supporting resources such as our Buyer Persona Worksheet, 5-Day Buyer Persona Bootcamp Virtual Training, 10 Reasons You Need Audience Marketing eBook, Content Calendar Template

Welcome to Audience Marketing where Riches are in the Niches

The riches are in the niches! The better you can target your audiences and ideal customer, the better you can inspire, connect with and serve them amazing value!

Smart marketers know an audience first marketing approach is the foundation to successful digital marketing, content marketing and social media marketing programs. An audience first approach to marketing exponentially increases the ROI on ALL of your marketing.

If you want more traffic to your website, more leads, more opt-ins to your email newsletter, more members in your social media communities, more sales and more customers, then you NEED an audience focused approach to your marketing.

The average buyer researches and consumes between 7-10 pieces of content before making a buying decision. As a marketer or business owner, a top goal should be to make sure every message, video, blog post, visual, podcast and piece of content you create is connecting with your target audience and inspiring them to learn more!

What is Audience Marketing?

Audience marketing is an intentional alignment of your marketing messages, content and focus to the needs of your audience.

An audience first marketing approach shifts the focus from YOU to THEM. This means you focus more on how you can SERVE your audience over how you can SELL to them.

What is an Audience First Marketing Strategy?

An audience first marketing strategy is when you prioritize your audience as the #1 priority when developing marketing strategies, tactics and detailed plans for execution! This means nothing comes before your audience. Your audience is first in everything you create, publish and execution.

What is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional, generalized representation of your ideal customer based upon market research and real data.

Buyer personas help you understand your audience and ensure your marketing messages are helping you earn trust, build relationships and become relevant in the mind and heart of your ideal customer.

Many marketers think buyer personas are complicated or that taking the time to create them will slow them down.

The truth is buyer personas are simple to create and will help increase your marketing results exponentially, almost immediately!

3 Steps for Audience Marketing Success

There are 3 steps you should take to succeed at audience marketing. They are as follows:

  • Step 1: Do your research
  • Step 2: Know your unique value
  • Step 3: Align EVERYTHING you do to the needs of your audience. EVERYTHING!

In this 30 minute podcast you will learn:

  • What is audience marketing
  • What is an audience first marketing strategy
  • Top 3 benefits of audience marketing
  • What is target marketing
  • What is market segmentation
  • What is a buyer persona
  • What is a customer avatar
  • What is a customer profile for b2b
  • Key data points needed to develop your own buyer personas
  • Difference between demographic, geographic and psychographic data
  • Why buyer personas are a requirement for any market, industry and organization big or small who want to be relevant, get more leads and grow their business
  • Top 5 ways a buyer persona will help your business grow
  • 3 Steps you need to take to get started to develop your audience first marketing strategy
  • Why relevancy is key to earning trust, building relationships and getting more customers!