If my subject title hadn’t intrigued you or been prominent enough on the webpage you would not be reading this. Crazy aye! This puts into perspective just how important subject titles really are, whether they be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email newsletters or just in generic emails to your channel partners. Everyone wants their content to be read, but what is the best way to achieve this?

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Keep it snappy

No one appreciates a long subject title. Instead adopt a short and snappy approach. Get to the point you are trying to make in a few words. Don’t make it hard for your reader to follow. Being clear and concise is the best formula. 6 to 10 words is plenty.


Time and time again I see the same, boring subject titles. Instead try and be different. This could be by creating an amusing subject title or perhaps a familiar play on words. It’s up to you what approach you adopt, but whatever you do, make it different. Good different, not bad different. Your readers do not want to question your content topic, keep it obvious.

Add a figure

Statistics add value to content so provide a specific measurement that intrigues readers to find out more. Up to date statistics for a given topic are often hard to get hold of. Illustrating to readers that you have this information in your subject title, already provides you with a unique advantage over others.


Consider appropriate keywords when choosing your subject title. Adopt a similar approach to your pay per click campaigns. It’s all about reaching a wider audience. By doing this, your articles are more likely to appear on Google searches and in turn you will receive more engagement.

I know you may be thinking well this is obvious, but perhaps look back at past subject titles you have written. Do you think you could have been clearer, maybe a bit more interesting? Or perhaps used a few more keywords?

It’s not just about being engaging for potential customers, but also being eye catching for your channel partners, who I am sure receive your content on a regular basis. Could you make your subject titles a little more appealing to them? They probably deal with lots of other brands like yours, who are all fighting for their attention. A subject title may be all that is required to win this battle and receive a response.

If you are still thinking that it won’t make any difference, why not test it. Perhaps test a few variables and perform some A/B split testing. I am certain you will be more than surprised by the results.