Call Center Technology TrendsThe technology employed in call centers is a bit like a sand dune – it is constantly shifting to adapt to customer preferences and habits. It may seem that just when your call center and team have become competent in one type of call center tech trend, the dune has again shifted, and you must re-adapt. When it comes to staying current with the latest technology and trends in customer support, ensuring that your call center and team are well-trained on the latest tech trends is vital. Your competition, after all, is paying attention to call center tech trends and customer behavior. Are you?

To make sure you’re staying abreast of the latest trends, we’ve compiled five of the worthwhile call center tech trends to consider employing.

Call Center Tech Trend #1: The multi-channel contact center

Customers interact with the world through many modes: online, their phones, their tablets, and in the store. In fact, a study by Genesys found that 77% of customers use more than one channel when using customer service. If you think that your call center alone is sufficient enough to handle customer support, think again. Customers expect to be able to email a company, use live chat, use a company’s app – and pick up the phone when they need assistance from a company. Is your company set up to work with customers through multi-channels?

Call Center Tech Trend #2: Monitoring customer’s emotions

Voice monitoring technology allows companies to monitor customers and prioritize which customers receive service first based on the tone of their voice. Voice monitoring technology picks up on a caller’s pitch, tone, and how quickly they speak, ensuring that those who are more upset can speak to a customer representative sooner. Use of this technology has shown to have a positive impact on call center key performance indicators (KPIs).

Call Center Tech Trend #3: Letting the customer choose the communication method

Customers are used to being in control, and the way that customers interact with customer service agents is no exception. The whole notion of customers picking up the phone, navigating through a phone system, and waiting to speak to a customer service rep is quickly dissipating, as the call center tech trend of customers choosing how an agent contacts him or her is becoming the norm. With browser-based contact (WebRTC), customers can quickly fill out a form online and decide how to be contacted by a customer service rep, and at what time. From the customer’s standpoint, this may seem very straightforward, but for call centers, use of this technology requires a massive restructuring in technology and customer support training.

Call Center Tech Trend #4: Using big data to better understand customers

Advances in big data are allowing companies to sort through massive amounts of customer information, spot trends, and respond accordingly. For example, if customers between a certain age and income range tend to interact with a company primarily through the web, a company can use this information to maximize customer support via the web, send promotional offers, and forecast how to best work within a customer’s behavior set. Capturing a 360 degree, holistic view of customer behavior is a powerful way to offer customer service, and the use of metrics and big data makes this possible.

Call Center Tech Trend #5: Virtual Assistants

The use of virtual assistants is taking off as a way to bridge the gap between the internet and the call center. Virtual assistants on a website can interact with a web surfer, capture information, guide a customer to help options, and connect users with a customer service rep via live chat, email, or give customers a number to call. As with other call center tech trends, virtual assistants give the customer more control, while simultaneously capturing vital information that can help your company build a profile of your customer.

Meet your customers where they’re at

The overarching shift in customer service and with call center tech trends is to meet the customer where he or she is at, on a variety of platforms, and at the customer’s convenience. Fortunately, there are a whole host of new technologies that can help your company shift with the sand dune and offer world-class customer support.

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