Each night when I tuck my kids into bed, my youngest daughter always asks me to tell her a story. I have to think back through my past and quickly come up with a story that will capture her attention and make her feel good.  I also know if I can add a little humor to the story, she will remember it and want to hear more. Our kids want to know about our successes and how we are making a difference in the world. I know she really likes stories I can tell about big events that happened to me as a child.

How are you telling your story of your company and it’s services? A good story should include some information on these topics. Watch so you do not go overboard on any one subject, but have a blend of these topics. Also, a good scripted story should be shared with others in your company to create a consistent message.


It is always good to tell people when the company started and how long the company has been in business. Also some type of growth statistic should be communicated to help show a growing company.


What type of benefits does your product and service provide to clients? Showing examples of how your company has helped others with their business is always a great story and should be shared. If you can obtain permission to share personal testimonies, this really drives this point home.


If you can show how your company has been a driving force in a particular community location, this can also show people that you also have a positive presence in your community.

The Key Players

Just like any story, the names of people should be included in your story, especially the leaders in your company.


Make sure your storyline is a unique one and gets people excited about your company. Having an innovative story is always encouraged. Also, showing how you, as a company stay in touch with your clients is also important. Make it an interesting story, pictures and video are also encouraged.  Also, a strong brand presence and the use of repeating key themes is highly encouraged.

Remember your story should be able to be communicated using all types of media:

  • Talking one to one: At shows, over the phone and one on one is always encouraged.
  • Online through web presence, blog and video
  • Paper by way of newsletters, brochures and articles


Also in this age of comments and reviews, remember people are watching you and reviewing your story to see if it is consistent.  Reviews and word-of-mouth will be a reaction to your story.

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