I love Father’s Day. It’s a day to say “thanks” to your Dad and show your appreciation. It gives you a chance to reciprocate and do something special for him.

Father's Day gift ideas

Not only is it a great day to bring families together, but as a marketer, this is an ideal time to reach out to customers and offer them an incentive to come into your store/visit your website and make a purchase. Don’t use the same tactics as last year…be creative!

marketing for Father's DayOne thing to keep in mind is that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day both share a similar concept, but they are still very different from one another. Mother’s Day marketing focuses on emotion/love in products/services, while Father’s Day appeals to practicality and their needs/wants.

Another noticeable difference is the shoppers themselves. Women will most likely be doing the shopping for Father’s Day, and they are likely to be more creative with their purchases. Two large initiatives taking place this year (I have already started receiving notices) are social media and email/mobile blasts to loyal customers (and even prospective customers) (e.g. “Spoil Dad with these Gifts”). These mediums could also be helpful in getting last-minute sales with special offers. In addition to these channels, marketers should also think about a multichannel strategy for increased frequency and exposure.

Another approach for a Father’s Day campaign is to spark interest by having an interesting/unique offer so your customers have a reason to pay attention to your brand. In other words, your call-to-action(s) must be clearly defined!

Need some additional tips? Below is a list of marketing ideas from Predictable Profits.

  1. To make product/service searching simpler for your customers, consider offering a gift guide based on fathers’ interests.
  2. Offer a volume/bundle discount for a group of your products and/or services.
  3. Everyone loves free gift wrapping! Especially since most people have hectic chedules – they will appreciate the gesture!
  4. Recognize customers who are fathers with a special gift or card.
  5. Depending on the nature of your business, you can throw a Father’s Day event at your store to drive traffic, increase awareness and create buzz.

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What marketing initiatives have you done to promote Father’s Day?