Often in the digital world, we talk about “disruption.” You may ask “what is disruption?” I thought I would shed a little light…


Disruption is anything that interferes with (or disrupts) the way that things are traditionally done. According to Miriam-Webster, disruption means “to interrupt the normal course or unity of”

To provide some real-life examples of “disruption” in action, Uber is currently disrupting the transportation category offering personal luxury transportation in place of a basic taxi ride.

In the hospitality arena, Airbnb is offering travelers a new way to book lodging. You can “rent” a room, an apartment, a chateau, even a treehouse. And all at a much more reasonable rate than most standard hotels.

Even Facebook was “disruptive” when it launched – creating a new way of interacting with your friends and family.

I believe that we need some disruption in the licensing and promotions world.

That’s why I launched Jenerosity Marketing.

It can’t just be about creating a branded program any longer. It has to be about creating a program and making sure from the beginning that consumers are engaged.

When you are planning your licensing strategy, are you including a plan for communicating it to your fans?

Will you have a Facebook presence? Pinterest boards? How will you incorporate Instagram?

When developing a third-party promotion, are you looking at how you can maximize your digital and social media assets on both sides of the partnership?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you are the disruptor, getting ahead of the curve and changing with the times as we advance even further into digital marketing.

If you answered no, I would suggest that you start to think about where you are going to be in 2, 3, 5 years when consumers are no longer watching TV commercials, shopping in brick and mortar stores and everything is essentially online. Will you be ready to communicate with your consumers in a meaningful way? How will you promote your licensed product line or promotion?

Let us know what you are doing to stay ahead of the “disruption” curve in the Comments below.