shotgun marketing, focused marketingSometimes we find our clients want to take a shotgun approach to their marketing, to generate more sales.

They believe any new business is good business and therefore they try to attract the widest possible range of prospects.

But we believe that’s not the smartest – or most profitable – way to approach marketing or build your business.

Think about your best customers. Aren’t they usually the ones who chose you because of one, or a few, particular reasons?

Decide Who You Are – Then Figure out Who Needs You

What I am suggesting here is that you can build your business around any prospect that comes down the pike, or you can purposely define, target and build your business around the ideal customer.

How do you do that?

It starts with deciding the one or two things you stand for – or in marketing vernacular, your unique selling proposition.

That’s just a fancy way of saying what are you good at, or do differently or better than others in your field.


If you’re a plumber, for instance, what makes you different from the other 25 plumbers you compete with in your marketplace?

Maybe you’re a master at specialized repairs to broken sewer lines; maybe you excel in tankless heaters or solar equipment, or updating plumbing infrastructure.

Or it could be just the fact that your approach to customer service is better than anyone else’s. Perhaps you take the time to explain the problem and the customer’s options in a way that few others do.

These, and many other possibilities, do make you different, even in a commodity field like plumbing.

Next Step: Let The World Know Why You’re Different

So once you decide what you stand for, you need to get the message out. You need to let prospects know about your unique qualities.

In marketing, one size never fits all. But certain principles do apply regardless of the market.

Here are a few of those principles you should follow:
• Focus on your unique proposition and communicate it consistently
• Talk to your customer’s needs and use language that shows you understand his problems and can help him with them
• Make it crystal clear how you will help him
• Make it easy for him to contact you. Include phone numbers, emails, websites
• Let others blow your horn: use customer testimonials

In conclusion, determine your ideal customer by determining what you want to be known for – what kind of business you want to build. Then go after that customer by communicating succinctly and consistently how your approach will serve him.

We specialize in doing just that: helping you define your best marketing message and then delivering it in the best and most effective way.

Take this rifle approach and you’ll attract the best clients and generate more sales, and in the end, that will help you prosper in your business.

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