Maintaining a healthy marketing plan is all about finding the right balance and ensuring you are delivering a range of strategies to keep your marketing eco-system in tip-top condition. A poor diet of ill-prepared campaigns and a lack of variety in your delivery will return sluggish, bloated and unresponsive results.

Thankfully, with just a little preparation, even the most out-of-shape marketing department can improve its lead generating health, helping them fight their way back to total marketing fitness.

The Marketing Mix 5-a-day Plan

Freshly Blogged Content: Keep your content fresh and update it as often as possible. Blogged content is best when it comes from an organic source (i.e. write it yourself). Factory farmed content might win short-term SEO victories but has the potential to go bad very quickly. Because people buy from people they like, use engaging, relevant and easily digested content to humanize your business, win new friends and influence purchases or inquiries.

Plant PR Seeds: A well-written press release, distributed via a service like PR Web, can harvest a healthy crop of media coverage complete with organic SEO-friendly backlinks for your brand. Press releases work at their very best when they are delivered as part of a wider and joined-up marketing strategy. Try to use your press releases to deliver news content that will help potential clients understand why you would be a great company to do business with. Avoid dry and uninspiring releases by focusing on people and products that have the potential to changes people’s lives (or at the very least make their working days easier and their personal lives more successful).

Special Source: Becoming the go-to person journalists and bloggers turn to for a story, quote or piece of analysis is an incredibly valuable approach to positioning yourself and your company as industry thought leaders. Services like Help A Reporter Out (HARO) facilitate the introductions of journalists and bloggers hungry for the kind of great content only you have access to.

Growing Relationships: Email marketing is the most cost effective marketing solution for maintaining and building relationships with your existing clients and prospects. Don’t be afraid to be aggressive in your list building strategies by taking every opportunity to add new names from both your online and offline activity. As long as you keep your campaigns relevant and engaging, you’ll find your subscribers always have an appetite for your email content

Get Social: Everything is more fun when it’s shared. Social media should be a vital ingredient of every aspect of your marketing strategy. But remember, social media is just a small part of a healthy marketing mix. Concentrate first and foremost on developing great content and then spice it up with a little social media activity.

Photo: sjdunphy